Happy? Confederate Memorial Day

Yep ya'll read that right.  Today is Confedetate Memorial day. My dad sent me a text this morning and told me that in Atlanta some of the goverment buildings are closed in honor of the occasion) and that there were BBQs all over town....WOW!!!!!!! [pls insert Flavor Flav's tone here for best affect] Well, ya know yer girl had to do a bit of research on the matter. Did you know that this holiday is observed in more than 10 states across the south. Ironically in Arkansas it's shared with the state holiday of Martin Luther king's birthday (you know someone was laughing their ass off at this). It's interesting because usually the losers don't get a commemorative holiday. Isn't that the rules, if you fight for the losing side you don't get remembered? Where's the Mexican-American War Memorial Day? I guess it's just another example of  'manifest destiny' in relation to history.

pls click on this pic and read the story, American history is more complex than the text book would like us to believe...i'm still not making conclusions, just presenting options.
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Yesterday morning I received an unexpected package in the mail, from my pal Olivia ( she's the inspiration for the Go Bike shirt). The package was so well done I've decided to share...oh and those peanuts, if anyone can tell me where in NY or Bk I can find those peanuts (i luv  em') I will send you a free shirt...word !!!!


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I'm a sucker for kitchy uniforms and flight attendant uniforms are my very favorites. The whole vibe around flight attendants in the 60s just rocks my socks off. The chauvinistic nature of the field is pretty lame but in fantastic idealism that retrospect provides, these ladies are my icons. I love Emilio Pucci, it may just be that I'm a sucker for circles and loud colors, Either way Pucci does it for me.

I just got the new issue of Frank magazine (you must be up on this handy lil mag, in a world of super dumbed down editorial it's a major sigh of relief). They featured a wonderfully odd gentleman by the name of Cliff Muskiet who shares my love of flight attendant uniforms. Check em out
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Yesterday I can across this article about French Luxury cruise ship that was hijacked by east African Pirates and is currently docked off the coast of Somalia in a "well known pirate hang out" Now, I don't want to romanticize the notions of pirates, cuz it sux the 30 members of the crew are being held hostage, but I can't help but be like..."Go Pirates, get that cash! make France negotiate!" Sucks, but that's the breaks with colonialism, and that's nerve to take a rich ass voyage to region that has had severe political unrest since '91. Maybe, I'm outta line w/ my views, but this is all based on my limited info on the whole situation.

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Hey fam, I've been busier than a bee on crack! I've been on the hussle fulfilling wholesale orders and getting junkprints goodies in stores. Okay so here's the line up, After I complete a few more orders I'm gonna take a break from wholesale to keep cranking out hot shit EDGE JAPAN 1-11 1F South14 est7,Chuo-ku,Saporo, Hokkaido, Japan 064-0914 INVERT INC. 2418 MERMAID AVE. Brooklyn, NY. 11224 CAKE FIGHT 119 S. Cage Blvd. Pharr. TX, 78577 #14 ONLINE: cutpaste.com, crablab.ru
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WTF? Why? They have tour dates and everything. Guess they had to wait for N Sync and Backstreet boys to fade out. Will Vanilla Ice be opening for you? I can't front, I was a fan back in the day, but now, I'm kind of a grown up and just can't deal with it.



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