Every generation seems to think that the world is great peril (rightfully so) and worries about the future. I include myself in that 'every generation' bunch.  Loosely speaking the way we live and think about ourselves in relationship to our environments is all wrong and it seems that we will be facing severe repercussions for all that, but I ain't scurred. Our economy is false and falling apart but I'm not worried. BTW, if you haven't seen Zeistgeist, then stop reading this put that movie at the top of yer Netflix queue. Anyhoot, the way I see it, is that yer either dead or alive. If yer dead, then yer dead end of story. If yer alive then you should be living and filling yer life and the lives of those around you with livelihood.  That's my mission, that's yer mission. So what's that gotta do with the banks? First let me start off by mentioning my extreme disdain for banks...what a scam, 'I hold yer money, make money off yer money and sometimes charge you for holding or spending yer money. Over the last year since I've started Junkprints, I've grown to figure out more about the banking system, the credit/debit systems and the pillars of economics in the US. I'm no expert but I'm alright. In the quest to even out the financial power structures. I present to you, It's a P2P lender, which means that private lenders can bit on loan opportunities. The majority of there requests I found were for credit card consolidation (which is super sad). I also saw a disproportionate amount of soldiers and teachers requestiong loans. One the flip side, this type of service could be used more than loans, like, for start up businesses, health care, public art etc.  Hope this dropped a seed of inspiration on ya, so now go think of something amazing and get it funded 😉
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Luxury goods fascinate the hell outta me. The companies don't usually pay their employees that well (according to my inside sources), sometimes they produce their items in sweatshops, they create a lifestyle type product that is well, expensive for the hell of it...just because. But for some reason the massed still want a peice. Now this is where the whole thing gets interesting, usually their target market is wealthy, white folks (just look at the adds, white peeps in yachts and crap, like the real live Dynasty).

Some how or another it ends up getting appropriated into 'urban' culture and remixed. For example look at the Gucci track suit adorned by LL Cool J in the 80s. Stay with me, this is where it gets juicy, Gucci came out with the all over monogram track suit after it was made popular by the hip hop community. So that means that the originals were phony. Well, whadya know, luxury goods being inspired by knock offs. pi14

I subscribe to WWD and they constantly run columns on cracking down on counterfeits. Louis Vuitton is so hard core about it that they have a task force dedicated to shaking down producers of goods that may infringe on their copyright licenses. For the sake of parties involved I won't be mentioning names but at one place I did art direction for LV issued a cease and desist letter due to a scarf and hat that Gorrin Bros put out. Any hoot, I thought it was wild that tonight, outside the BK museum, "Vuitton is setting up 10 New York-style street vendors — not to sell fakes, but rather authentic Louis Vuitton product and special Monogramouflage canvases that Murakami has created specifically for the exhibition" quoted from
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I almost forgot to tell ya! I'm having an opening tonight. Insinuations brings together a group of artists who play with the implied notions, giving greater extent to the joining of image and object. Chanel Kennebrew works in collage, exhibited as digital prints, which create a false image. She defines the reality of the modern day woman–exclusively portraying the modern day black woman. The advertising reality is stripped of its disguise, ironically in text-based masks, revealing its filtered version of real world through token expressions of diversity and the diminished self. Anthony Miler creates objects to explore the dichotomy of institutions and constructs. Pairing numeratic sequences that provide a stimulace for thought and self-awareness. Atisha Paulson’s photographs are lively city scenes where he explores the connections found within his environment. His double exposures create a conversation of object, color and form caught between moments and notations of memory. Meghann Snow plays with history of culture and the institution of art, using video to document actions where the formality of art is deconstructed. Visceral and ephemeral, the acts played on film bring an innocence and new vision to the creation of visual art. TemporaryGallery will present Insinuations March 5 through March 23 with an opening reception of March 5, 6-9pm.
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endless orders, originally uploaded by junkprints. So last week I was Etsy's featured seller...Yah and all that goodness. Let me tell ya what a mad house it was (is) around this itty bitty apartment. Okay so I answered all 200 inquiries, within 2 hours or receiving star for customer service department! I've done invoices, packing slips and garment prep for all orders. I've shipped out about 1/3 of all the orders received between feb 27 to now... gold star for production department. Sleep, you ask? well Robots don't sleep and I've sold my soul to the D.I.Y. gods in exchange for being changed into a robot 😉 All jokes aside...this has been pretty fun and I appreciate all the comments, inquiries and sales I've been bombarded with.


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