She’s So Cold

I am a fan of public transit for one very vital reason; it saves me the headache of dealing with traffic. Unfortunately, for me it is not as cost effective because the closest train stop to my house is an half hour drive away. The worst aspect about public transit for me is the public aspect of it especially at the end of the workday when people cram into the trains like clowns in a car. Usually when there are limited seat options I try consciously try to sit by a woman because honestly I know that they will most likely not utter a word to me and that sometimes sitting next to a man can result in an unwarranted conversation.

After sometime of doing this I got to thinking. Why are women (myself included) so cold? Not only to each other, but to the opposite sex. I figured that I would take the time to provide some answers to the question:

Woman to Man:

In general I would like to say that I am a really nice person. Sometimes to the point of being too nice if that’s possible. However, when it comes being alone in public I operate by the rule of “stranger danger”. One reason that a woman may come off as acting cold towards a man in public is because of the countless stories we hear about women being raped, abducted, or harassed by men. As a woman you always have to be cautious about who you talk to because you never know what may happen. Another reason a woman may act cold towards  the opposite sex is because there are men out there who do not understand what limits are. Whether it is knowing that a woman is not in the mood to talk or feeling that he has every right to attempt to sit hideously close to her knowing that he has halitosis. Body language is key fellas. If a woman clutches her purse when you walk by, turns her head, or looks away it means she’s uncomfortable either around you or by someone else. Don’t take it as arrogance. Rather take it as a means of self-protection.

Woman to Woman:

I’ve never been the type to consciously act cold towards another woman . Maybe it is because of the bonds of sisterhood. Yes, that was cheesy.  However, there are some women who are rude to other women. I can’t really speak for them, but I will speculate why they may be cold to other women. First, some women are very insecure and can initially dislike someone for a reason as petty as their handbag. Secondly, some women have had bad experiences dealing with other women in the past which leads them to think all women are evil, including you. Don’t take it too personally.

Do you think women are cold? What is your take on the issue?

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Make Em Say Ugg, Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah

As I sit here writing, I am being warmed by the heat from my fireplace portable electric heater. Outside my window the sun is out shining gorgeously, but looks are deceiving. If you are in the Northeast you know that it’s really cold. Not only is it cold, it’s windy. The wind disrespects my bones, my jacket, and the umbrella I bust out when it flurries. Call me, Captain Obvious, but doesn’t it makes sense to dress warmly when it’s cold outside? Maybe it’s just me, but when it’s something like thirty-two degrees outside my initial thoughts are not to wear a mini-skirt and flip-flops.

Sometimes I see people walking outside wearing basically nothing and I feel cold for them.I used to know this kid who would never ever wear pants, even when it was snowing. And, then there was me in my six layers of clothing blowing my nose because I had a cold. Really, I was the one sick. I’m the kid who carries hand sanitizer everywhere and dresses weather appropriate. That kid, with the shorts, no jacket who occasionally wore mittens, never got sick.

Not only have I seen people wearing mini-skirts in this weather (at least wear thick tights if you’re gonna do it), I live in a town where every other girl rocks Ugg bootsugh. Ugh! Okay, so I tried some on the other day and they are very comfortable, but I refuse, refuse, refuse to buy a pair. Here’s my reason: They. Are. Not. Functional. They do have weather-resistant versions, but most people have Classic Ugg Boots.

Let me school you a bit about the history of Ugg Boots. Before they were popular stateside they were worn by surfers to wear after surfing. Hence, their Austrailian origin. So, they are really for the beach and the sand. They are not supposed to be worn in the snow. This is why they look ugly after the winter season. And, it’s not false advertising either because a lot of their advertisements are shot on the beach. Think about it. That’s they only thing I really have against them other than their appearance.

If you are currently wearing Ugg boots while reading this, don’t be ashamed. They are really comfortable, just not at all functional. However, if you are wearing the boots with a mini-skirt and bare legs in thirty degree weather you are dead wrong. I’m just saying….

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Greetings from Brooklyn,

Today was a sunny 60 degree day and boy am I happy to be alive. Winters are hard on a sunshine gal like me. I need to either stay uber distracted, embark on a new endeavor or leave the cold for a while. Generally when it’s so cold that one has to make sure they have 2 pairs of wool socks on  I get depressed and don’t feel like dealing with anyone or going anywhere. I know you’re probably thinking ‘boo hoo’, ‘poor you’, ‘suck it up’ or even ‘why the hell do you live in New York?’ Well I live in New York because it’s amazing…duh and encourages me to get my act together and make it so that in Feb 2010 I’m writing this post from somewhere tropical drinking enough coconut water to give a paraplegic the runs. And despite my overall disdain for temperatures below 45 degrees I’ve managed to give my site a face-lift, get my portfolio together, research and visit local manufacturing facilities, contact over 120 stores regarding wholesale and eat off less than $40 a week, how’s that for productive!

I came to two conclusions over the shitty holiday season and January. #1 Being broke and cold suck (it seems I have to learn this one every few years) #2 Complaining about being broke and cold sucks even more. So I’ve got my act together and I’m going to slow down on the making of clothing and accessories because right now, in this economy that’s a tedious labor of love. Don’t worry I’ll still be making clothing and accessories but at a slower pace.

Right now I’m focused on freelance work and gallery exhibitions. With that being said, let me tell you about my 2 for 1.  My portfolio is currently floating around Publicis NY (only one of the largest ad agencies world wide, cross your fingers) and I’ll be doing an in-office installation at Publicis (tentatively) next week! Yay, two birds one stone.I’ll keep ya’ll posted,

In the mean time a gal’s gotta eat, so I’m offering recession pricing for all you indie makers and artists on web design and graphic design services. Hit me up to get a quote of your job.

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