Etsy HQ Wall of Records

Yesterday we (me and Mr. Tough Dumplin) completed the installation of the Etsy HQ wall of records! Rockin it it rockin it yes we are rockin it. Now I can truly say I have incorporated a Milli Vanilli image into a professional project I’ve worked on. Girl you know it’s true!

plan your work, work your plan.

'Stay Handmade' created from laser cut backs of album covers filled with 12" vinly. Etsy letters cut from 12" LPs over orange arcylic circles on square clear acrylic panels.

Desk features 12" and 45 vinyl.

Each record is linked with 1" binder rings through upcycled white grommets from the close down belt factory.

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As some of ya'll may have noticed, I have a tendency to write about things in retrospect. Believe it or not it is peculiar to to me to share my life so publicly and in real time, I know, pretty strange for a gal who takes tons of pics of herself wearing her own clothes...hey I'm still working it out. With that being said. I had an awesome time speaking with Bruce  at the ACCs summer salon conversation. The fine folks at Etsy documented the whole thing.

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Yeah, those are my peeps. I guess it's just the way I roll. Just kidding 😉 On July 24th I'm participating in American Craft’s “Summer in the City Salon Series.” I'll be conversing with jeweler and writer Bruce Metcalf. The theme, or topic is "Connect/Disconnect” If you'd like to attend pls RSVP to David Shuford ( The spots fill up fast so ya better get yer hustle on! Check out this nifty blog post about it by Andrew Wagner on Design Sponge
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