I have one less tooth than I had last time I did a posting. Don't worry I didn't get into a bar fight or anything, just had an impacted wisdom tooth that was grazing a nerve removed. I'm so hard core that I only had local anesthesia and was fully awake for the whole process, strange to watch your own mouth get sewn up. I even took the subway home after. At first I was like 'well that wasn't so bad'. So I went home and continued on the never ending space quilt project that I was working on for etsy's HQ, which by the way has has finally ended. But 4 hours after removal I felt like someone hit my head with a tiny mighty dump truck. I was in soooooo much freakin pain and wished I had no teeth at all.  Ya'll who know me personally, know that I truly enjoy sobriety but in this case, good thing for pain meds. They made me super dizzy and gave me crazy dreams...I was over it the first night, but suffered through it for the next week. I've just returned to solid foods, feeling a lot better and am kinda missing my tooth, is that weird? She's Out of my Life
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Hello pals! I've been off the hook for a little bit, working on fall/winter stuff and fighting my wisdom teeth. Yeah I knew that they were on their way in for some time, but I've been determined not to have them removed (don't ask why, I guess I figure that they should take out the old teeth not the new ones, duh). Anyhoot. Last Thursday one of them got infected and I slept the next 3 days away and build up the courage to go to the dentist (first time in 9 yrs, thx to great genes and over all good heath). I'd done my research and was ready to demand my antibiotics and call it a day. On a side note, garlic is a fantastic natural antibiotic so I had been juicing parsley, carrots, garlic which took the swelling down...don't sleep on homeopathy, ya heard!

I digress, back to the story. A pal of mine had a root canal done at NYU's Dental school and he said the treatment was awesome and it was cheap as hell. So I hit him up for the info and headed to NYU Dental emergency yesterday morning (my face was way too swollen to make a real appointmen). When I got there it was me and one other person waiting in he calmest cleanest reception area ya ever did see (rare in NY). They took my info and the visit cost $90 (that's it!). The dental student took my x-ray poked around in my mouth and then the dentist came in and discussed what they were going to do. Basically they filled down my upper back tooth (bite equilibration), so that I wouldn't chop on my cheek and then she stuck a metal tool and cleaned the tooth (that has partially broken the surface of the gum). That part hurt like hell. Then the antibiotics were prescribed. Over all I had a pleasant experiencet highly recommend getting treated there and will be getting some of the wisdom teeth removed on May 22 (dooms day). Arrg will keep ya posted.
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