Etsy HQ Wall of Records

Yesterday we (me and Mr. Tough Dumplin) completed the installation of the Etsy HQ wall of records! Rockin it it rockin it yes we are rockin it. Now I can truly say I have incorporated a Milli Vanilli image into a professional project I’ve worked on. Girl you know it’s true!

plan your work, work your plan.

'Stay Handmade' created from laser cut backs of album covers filled with 12" vinly. Etsy letters cut from 12" LPs over orange arcylic circles on square clear acrylic panels.

Desk features 12" and 45 vinyl.

Each record is linked with 1" binder rings through upcycled white grommets from the close down belt factory.

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Home Is Where the Art Is

My dream house would be a brownstone just like the Cosby's home. I would want it to be a refurbished home because I love the way that older homes were built, especially since they have a lot of extra beautiful details included. If I were to actually own When I buy this home below are some things that I think would be neat to have inside:
I need to find a Polaroid camera, so I can recreate this on my wall.
How awesome would this be?
I don't think my house could fit shelves this large, but we'll see. I'm working on stepping up my book collection. It's not that I don't read books, it's just that I always get them from the local library.
Okay, I know that my brownstone won't come with a garage, but isn't this just the coolest idea? It's a garage door cover from a German company called Style Your Garage.
Livingstones are a modular seating concept developed by French designer Stephanie Marin. These rock! You should be used to my corniness by now.
What would you want in your dream home?  Let me know.
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If you were within 100 miles of NYC and you missed the FRESHER! opening than you may be crying your eyes out! But not to worry, I just caught word that their will be a closing party soooooo, don't sleep on this one. It was such a fun time, all the peeps came out and I'm glad that someone was documenting the event cuz I was too busy getting up w/ people and dancing my booty off.  Highsnobette was in the house and have tones of recap pics and so does Toofly. Big shout out and many thx to the Younity Crew
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Some Black folks in North America wanna be African REAL bad, they take African dancing (as if Africa is city w/ 1 style of dance) wear Kente cloth that was made in China and listen to Fela. I love Fela as much as the next person but it's like we have such a warped sense of self that we've filled in the blanks with this idea of 'Africa' and run around calling each other King and Queen (as if everyone on the whole continent was a Queen or King, hey some folks were/are farmers, prostitutes, traveler and or thieves. And if we're making up some magical idea of Africa is, than what about the perspective of the various people in Africa. I just feel like some extreme pan Africanism is Fakin' the funk. So I've decided to explore his with my aFAKIN Collection. All pieces are limited edition and are made from fabric rescued from a closed down textile store...and yes the 'African' batik fabric wasn't even made in any part of Africa, but it was labeld 'African Fabric' point exactly. This will debut on in Early May
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I don't usually make stuff in all black because I figure that in order to off set the majority of designers one would need to make things in hot pink for about a trillion years. Honestly, new yorkers dress like coals. But black is pretty awesome and this bag rules the school...and any chance to say that I made something sophisticated will be honored.


This one will be available tomorrow on

While I'm at it, this is an ode to blackness, some of my fave black stuff.

Ampersand cuff links from Veer Little Radiant Horn Earrings by sanfranblissco Leather Jacket by Diesel Zipper Bracelet figure 8 by Kate Cusack Boots by Amoart Fred Hampton Poster by Emory Douglas Post Post Modern Necklace by Brookdelphia
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 This is the Binary Opposition graphic. I have been tackling the notion of things being binary (one or the other) and opposition in things that aren't. Stick with me, this is super important when it comes to matters of socializing,stereotypes and perception and shapes the way we interact with one another.Over the last year and some many have pegged my work, political, racial etc. It's just a mirror of what's around me. It's available at  and on sale for $150 (originally $200) til the new year.

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It's been about 5 months or so since I've done a site. Evey time I sit down to get it all functional I always wonder why I chose to be a designer instead of a programmer, php, mySQL...damn you! Damn you I say. Speak American! You know darn well I don't understand that slash bracket shit. I'll fill ya'll in when the soup is done brewing 😉
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Yesterday was a crazy day! I was up at the butt crack of dawn to meet with my new pals at the BX Museum. It takes over an hour and a half to get there and the trip reminded me of when I use to commute to fredflare. Biking is such a better way to get around here. I wonder how long I'll be able to hold out on biking to the studio (before if gets too cold/wet/snowy etc.). After that I called my special man friend and after a bit of convincing took a stroll to the law firm he works with. They pretty much reminded me how awesome he is and I thought to myself 'I know! He's the nicest person I ever met' I know law firms have a reputation for being stuffy but all the peeps I met were super fun. Then I was off to the Lower East side to meet the amazing Jen and Claudia photographers extraordinaire! We ate fantastic burritos made by slow hipster, had a heart to heart about all kinds of stuff personal and business. Then I was off to visit my pals and surrogate creative parents Rachel and Carlo the masterminds behind Transit Culture and they filled my mind will all kinds of of new wisdom. As if the day wasn't fantastic enough While I was waiting on the bus to Red Hook I spotted a lady rocking the Monitor Mania Jacket!

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So I needed a couple of hands here so I'd like to introduce you to Vincent. He'll be helping me get this junk all organized. He's super smart super nice and an actor. Actually, he has a show opening tomorrow, cuz he's cool like that. I've been holding holding down the Junkprints fort solo for the last crazy year and some and it's been the most thrilling and taxing endevour I've ever emborked on!  So I'm super excited to have his help. He'll be writing blog posts (yay, no spelling errors), doing some customer service, making general dopeness and fetching coffee (j/k, I hate coffee).
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