The promotional campaign is officially on!!! I Love music....no, I really love music. In a time like this, when hipsterism and the fear of being a hater have tainted our judgment on the music we like, I have decided to make ya'll a lil mix tape. I swear if I hear one more person say "I love all kinds of music and have 8 terabytes of everything including songs that don't even exist yet" or something along those lines I'm going to puke! C'mon son, we all know you have like 10 songs that you play on repeat...don't be ashamed, it's okay to have a preference. I have preferences and want to share them with you (like I always do ;). So here's the story of the EP, some of the tracks I kinda begged for, and some were inspired by a retarded long list of songs I was really feeling that month. I distributed the list to my super talented musician pals, kinda made them work together under the direction of Mr. Tough Dumplin and they returned with this.  This project was filled with many late nights on the roof of an undisclosed Red Hook building, a stuffy Kensington Bedroom Room, coast to coast chit chats,  jokes, tears, new friendships and old ones. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and tons of love and thx to all the musicians on Junkyard Radio! Junkprints Radio Vol. 17

The following is the track listing and here's a link to the whole thing! Now ya'll know that this project wouldn't be complete with nifty packaging and a collection of merchandise including apparel, skate decks accessories and shoes inspired by the ep. This limited edition Cassette tape USB is free with selected online purchases. 1. Two Weeks by Earl Greyhound Vocals: Matt Whyte & Kamara Thomas Guitar: Matt Whyte Bass: Kamara Thomas Drums: Chris Bear http://www.earlgreyhound.com/ 2. Brooklyn Breeze Lyrics & Vocals: Dana Athens Production: Brian "Raydar" Ellis & Lee Turley for The Faculty Enterprise http://www.myspace.com/danaathens http://www.revivalistmusic.com 3. Let It Fly Lyrics & Vocals: Raydar Ellis,Tough Dumplin Teen Beats, R.ME George Reefah Production:  Brian "Raydar" Ellis & Lee Turley For The Faculty Enterprise Bass: Lee Turley Additional Keyboards & Sounds : Lee Turley http://www.revivalistmusic.com http://www.toughdumplin.com http://www.myspace.com/rebelsmusicempire http://www.georgereefah.com 4. JunkYard Radio Lyrics, Vocals & Production: Brownbird Rudy Relic http://brownbirdrudyrelic.blogspot.com/ 5. Toro Toro Toro - Remix Vocals & Lyrics: Lisa Marr Original version appeared on the EP "Soda and Lisa Sing You Some Songs" Remix Production:  Shahab Zargari http://www.lisamarr.org http://flavors.me/shahab 6. Rolla Skatin' - Remix Lyrics & Vocals: Manchilde feat. Tough Dumplin & R.ME Production: Think Twice http://www.manchilde.com http://www.toughdumplin.com http://www.myspace.com/rebelsmusicempire 7. Fighting Discrimination Lyrics & Vocals: A very nice guy Production: Tough Dumplin http://www.toughdumplin.com 8. Kate Goes to Jail Lyrics & Vocals: Teen Beats feat. Eliki Production: Teen Beats www.soundcloud.com/teenbeats 9. Brooklyn35 by Tough Dumplin & TBD Production: Tough Dumplin http://www.toughdumplin.com
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Tomorrow we will be hitting the road and heading to DC. This is the very first out of town market for Junkprints. I'm super duper and excited and scrambling to get everything in order.  So far things are going pretty smooth. In the last 2 weeks I've released over 20 new items, now that the space is all in order. I've been making like crazies. The Junkyard EP is still in the works. Along with it a slew of tees, hoodies, keds and skate decks (even some iphone cases) The tracks are arranged , mixed and the new items have been designed. This collab effort has been great but has taken forevers to get going. Guess I'm learning how to work with people. Once someone told me 'one travels faster alone, and further with companions' So I've tried to keep this in mind during this process and give the project the patience it requires. More on that later! DC is calling. This saturday if you're near the nations capital, stop by and say hi and buy more junk 😉 Crafty Bastards Arts and Craft Sale! WHEN: OCTOBER 2nd 10-5p WHERE:Marie Reed Learning Center at 18th & Wyoming in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC New laptop sleeves available in 2 flavors and multiple sizes!

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Happy end of summer! In conjunction with Fashion's Night Out, I'm hosting my first ever open studio shopping extravaganza and I'd like to invite you and yours to the festivities. I'll be debuting some new Junkprints artwork and clothing in the new Junkprints studio: The Junkyard! The night wouldn't be complete with out DJ spinning, baked goodies, door prized. The festivities are free. Please RSVP so we'll know if we should be baking a wedding sized cake or a muffin. WHEN: September 10th 2010 from 6p-11p WHERE: 66 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11205, Btwn Flushing and Park Ave in the Navy Yard region of Brooklyn. COST: FREE!! For the last few years Junkprints has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of art and fashion through textile exploration, subversive graphics and clever juxtapositions. Recently we even had a feature in the New York Times. This whole Junkprints adventure has been quite whirlwind and I'm looking forward showing off the new junk and sharing this special evening with you 😉
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African Vogue

As a campaigned for Vogue’s publishers to create an African version of its magazine photographer Mario Epanya spent months doing a photo shoots, beautiful creating fictional magazine covers, featuring only African models to show his vision. Conde Nast, who is the Vogues publishers, rejected his vision. I don’t see why we have to go to Vogue to validate culture. Vogue is for fashion not an endorser of culture.

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Essence of McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s clothing designs were always a shock factor to the fashion world. Along with his very eccentric designs his concepts are another contributing factor to what made him a very profound designer.

McQueen doesn’t go with the trend. He exploits sexuality within his work by just tracing it back to the body form. He sculpts out the lumps, bumps, and proportions in that form.

McQueen work goes beyond just fashion design. It is more like a work of art. His approach to presenting this work of art has the same visual appeal as if you were viewing a painting on a wall.

Just like his clothes McQueen goes into great lengths to bring excitement and amazement in with his fashion shows. It doesn’t feel like watching a normal fashion show, it’s more like watching performance art, as the openings are dramatic as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What I found amazing about McQueen is that he didn’t have a wealthy up bringing; his parents were normal working class folks. His hard work and passion was what got him to reach the to the top.

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Styling and Profiling with Junkprints: Summer 2010

For a moment just forget the fact that it is the beginning of hurricane season and remember that summer has unofficially begun (Summer Solstice is on June 21, 2010). Why not slatter on some sunblick, showoff those gams, and celebrate summer with Junkprints. *Shameless Plug Coming............................................................................... .............................................................. ....................................now* Below are a few hot items to make you look cool in the summer:
We all know you had second and third servings of the mac and cheese on Memorial Day. You worked hard for that donk, so why not show it off in what are soon to be your "Fave Shorts". The are made with seersucker fabric, trimmed in a custom junkprints pok-a-dot fabric with bright pink thread.
Sorry, Justin but we brought sexy back with these authentic vintage Cazel Collection shades. Coming straight from a closed factory in Germany these sunnies have not been in production in over twenty years and are in great condition. There is only one is stock. Can you say stunner?
Matilda is the greatest friend you will ever have. She compliments your style and deals with all your heavy baggage. This 100% cotton canvas tote bag has plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go.
Reminisce on the days when even guys wore short shorts with this tank inspired by old track jerseys. Even if you were always the last kid to get picked for dodgeball at least your grown now and can look the part of a real athlete at your school reunion. Atheletic ability not included.
No outfit is complete without a fly pair of shoes. We've teamed up with Keds and ArtsProjekt to create these Royal Hi-tops for you. Sorry fellas, but these sneaks are only available in women's sizes. Then again, what you do on your own time is none of our business. Werq!
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Props Rock: Willi Smith

I come from a frugal, not cheap family. Trust me, there is a difference. My mother and I enjoy going to off-price stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx in order to find what we call "hidden treasures". Out of all of my various trips to off-price stores along the east coast there is one trip that I distinctly remember. My mother and I went to a TJ Maxx store in Maryland when I was in middle school. I remember looking around in the women's wear section and noticing some clothing by a designer named Willi Smith. The first thing I thought was, "Since when did Will Smith have a clothing line?" Then I thought that they had spelled his name wrong. Later that night, I looked the name "Willi Smith" up online and learned that before the "Fresh Prince" inspired people worldwide to get "Jiggy Wit It" there was another man who showed us how to dress in Big Willie Style. Philadelphia born fashion designer Willi Smith, who is unrelated to the "Fresh Prince", has been referred to as "the most successful black designer in fashion history." When it came to his work as a designer Smith preferred to be known more for his raw talent than his skin color. Although he would admit that his skin color gave him few advantages, he would often be annoyed by the attention given to him based on it. Willi Smith was known for his use of brightly colored fabrics that were comfortable, loose-fitting, and moderately priced. In 1976 he co-founded his company "Williwear" with Laurie Mallet. Although his clientele include the wealthy by the early 1980s, Williwear had grown to become a popular clothing line in youth culture and was referred to as "street couture". Willi Smith died unexpectedly in 1987 at the age of 39 after contracting shigella and pneumonia while on a trip to India. His death was determined as a result of AIDS. Willi Smith once said, "Models pose in clothes. People live in them." According to Richard Martin, there were "countless fans of his sportswear style who may never have known-or care- whether he was Black, White or any other color". The style Willi Smith was accurately summarized in his obituary in the Village Voice which said that his clothing expressed, "the designer's democratic urge: to clothe people as simply, beautifully and inexpensively as possible". Now when I go to TJ Maxx I am proud that I know about the designer, not the rapper,  Willi Smith. Flashback: Black Style: Willi Smith
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High End Ink

Now this isn't necessarily a fashion blog. No runway reviews or daily outfit posts will be found on the Dookyblog anytime soon. However, there are times that we like to point out interesting things in the fashion community because we are a part of it even if we don't take it too seriously. In other words, just because someone tells me that clogs are in fashion doesn't mean I am going to run to the store to buy them. So just because Chanel is now selling pretty neat looking fake tattoos in their stores doesn't mean I am going to fly to Paris to buy them. Especially since they run at $75.00 for a box of 50. If you do the math that is about $1.50 per tattoo which really isn't too bad, but who buys fake tattoos in bulk? If given the chance would I wear the tattoos? No, but that's only because wearing fake tattoos or real ones isn't my style. Would I judge people who bought the Chanel tattoos? No, because I think they are cool if you can pull them off and who am I to tell you how to spend your $75.00? If someone gave you $75.00 dollars to buy something what would you buy? Would you buy the Chanel tattoos, or treat two of your friends to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory even if you don't particularly care for cheesecake? I call dibs on the Cheesecake Factory idea.
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