A Brief History of Collage

Over the years collage has become a very popular art form. Collage allows artists to combine media to create a singular message. The use of collage is said to have begun  with the invention of paper in China around 200 B.C. After that twelfth-century Japanese calligraphers began to prepare surfaces for their poems by gluing paper and fabric together in order to create a background for brushstrokes. Fast-forwarding to the nineteenth century collage developed into a popular art form as people began to paste family photos into arrangements on the walls,  and scrapbooks. Art historians have pointed to Pablo Picasso as the first artist to utilize collage for a piece of fine art when he glued a piece of patterned oilcloth to a cubist still life in 1912. Eventually, artists of other art movements began to incorporate collage into their work. Henri Mattisse referred to collage as, "drawing with scissors".  Cubists typically used paper and paint to support a philosophical belief. Futurists incorporated typography and added found objects to connect art with the real world. Dadaists combined unique materials together for shock value while surrealists believed that collage was a way to reveal unconscious thoughts through the random selection and placement of materials. If you look at a lot of Chanel's work you'll notice that she's a fan of collage.
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The Journal of the Century: “The Making and Saving of Money”

I recently acquired the most fascinating book from a local book sale. The book entitled, The Journal of the Century takes a look back at popular articles that have been written in the Ladies Home Journal and includes articles that go back to the 1880s when the magazine was first published. What I have found most interesting about the book is that some of the issues written about are still relevant today. It really epitomizes the old adage, "history repeats itself". I thought it would be neat to share some highlights of my favorite articles from the book, so you could see for yourself. The first article I will like to share with you in this series of posts is entitled, "The Making and Saving of Money" and was written by Henry Clews in the 1880s. Below are some tips from the article on money: "The first step to acquiring a fortune lies in hard work." "Save something each day no matter how little you earn." "Keep a bank account." "Do not take up this or that scheme at a venture, but examine it carefully, and if you see your way clear, put your money into it." "It has been truly said that any fool can make money, but it takes a wise man to keep it." "A man who is wise, careful, conservative, energetic, persevering and tireless, need have no fear of his future. But there is one other thing. He must have a steady head, one that can weather the rough sea of reverses,  from which no life is altogether free, and one that will not become too big when success attends his efforts." "It is from little acorns that great oaks grow." See that you begin aright early in life. Save your money with regularity. By so doing, you will more than save your money; you will make money." You have to admit the advice given in this column written in the 1880s is very sound advice that can definitely relate to our economic climate. I'm sure that with these tips in mind almost anyone (emphasis on the almost, it is a recession pretty much a depression) can go from "Laid Off Team" to "Booyah!".
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Black History Month

It's February so you know what time it is. It's Black History Month. I feel that some people (check out the foolishness below) use Black History Month as a way to get away with acting crazy and making certain people feel guilty. That's is definitely not the point of Black History Month. The point of it is to make everyone not just black people  recognize the remarkable things that black people have contributed to our nation. To me it's a month of recognition to remember how far we've come and where we can go. Check out the video below for what NOT to do on Black History Month:
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Happy? Confederate Memorial Day

Yep ya'll read that right.  Today is Confedetate Memorial day. My dad sent me a text this morning and told me that in Atlanta some of the goverment buildings are closed in honor of the occasion) and that there were BBQs all over town....WOW!!!!!!! [pls insert Flavor Flav's tone here for best affect] Well, ya know yer girl had to do a bit of research on the matter. Did you know that this holiday is observed in more than 10 states across the south. Ironically in Arkansas it's shared with the state holiday of Martin Luther king's birthday (you know someone was laughing their ass off at this). It's interesting because usually the losers don't get a commemorative holiday. Isn't that the rules, if you fight for the losing side you don't get remembered? Where's the Mexican-American War Memorial Day? I guess it's just another example of  'manifest destiny' in relation to history.

pls click on this pic and read the story, American history is more complex than the text book would like us to believe...i'm still not making conclusions, just presenting options.
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