Dear Samantha Wow, when I heard that  Missbehave would be no more I was very disappointed. From an outsider and fan perspective It's very sad to see such a unique magazine just fall by the way side. From a business owner and editorial contributor perspective, I understand that running a company is no small feat and I commend you on your achievements with Missbehave. Perspectives and life directives change, but I can't help but wonder why Missbehave wasn't sold, or put under new editorial guidance. I think that the mag and online presence could have flourished under the right direction and allowed you to concentrate on your family. One of the most disappointing aspects of Missbehave's closure is that so many people non 'visible minorities' (for lack of better wording) capitalize and gain notoriety on urban culture as a trend. If they are smart enough to do it and have the gusto to pursue than I guess they deserve it, but at the end of the day as a non-white female I don't really have the option of dropping the 'urban' side of me because I started a family. Guess it's just a placed persona and not a chosen one. In no way am I trying to get all up in your personal business nor turn this into a white/ black thing. I don't think it's as binary as that. I'm just bringing it up based on the hegemony of urban magazine editors in relation to their respective media content. Personally I would have been thrilled to assist in any ethical transition that the magazine would have needed to continue. You don't owe me nor anyone an explanation and ultimately, I respect your decision on the matter. For what it's worth I'm thrilled that the mag existed and I'm sure it's made way for more innovative media outlets in the same vein.
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