Which sounds fantastic to me. Hey Ya'll I't's chanel aka the Dooky aka the junk-prints maker rump shaker.  Just wanted to clarify. Miss Anuli has been holding down the dooky for the last few posts.  Anyhoot Since the whole whirl wind holiday season I've been abit scarce inside the Internets. That's because i've been gearing up for this Costa Rica Trip!!!! Helllz Yeah. I'll be there for february. Last year I realized that this nomadic lady has grown some roots and hasn't really strayed far from BK in while. Which has proven to be a great thing and allowed me to focus, but it's also made me really antsy. I'm not accustomed to being one place for too long and have a tendency to think about all the other things I could be doing if I wasn't doing what I'm doing fact I'm doing that right now.  I have  this list of things that I would like to so between now and death. It includes learning to surf, learning to walk on my hands,  learning to farm, building a house (from the ground up),  traveling the world, doing a photo documentary of a band on tour, creating (assisting in establishing)  a sustainable community,  running a company, seeing the sun rise for a month consecutively, Visiting Alaska,  Driving an ice cream truck from coast to coast. The list is super duper long and most tasks involve traveling. I love to travel, and think I get crusty when I don't get out and about enough. So last year around this time I decided that i was going away for a while. I decided that NY sucks in the winter and that I don't want anything to do with he retched place, so that would be the best time to go. I hate the cold so all cold places where ruled out. I eventually want to build a place off the grid and in a tropical region (primarily for the food and vegetation), so I decided to head to Costa Rica for a month to do some research and surfing!! Over the last few years I've poured my entire existence into junkprints which has yielded some awesome results, but in the meantime I haven't gotten any of the other things on the list done and often wonder if I'm getting lost in my head of junk. Well, that being said, new junk is in the works and includes some work with some heavy hitters like um Nickelodeon, ReadyMade Mag, Birkenstock,  SXSW...just to name a few. Can't devolve the deets but I'm gonna be on fire this spring...just you wait. In the mean time, if you've been to Costa Rica share your stories! oh and will be up and running for my travel duration. I've got some nifty folks holding down the shipping and customer service so all orders will go out as scheduled 😉
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Twisted pineapple bag, originally uploaded by junkprints.

Fresh off the presses! I just made this one today and it's on the site. I need to draw...just sit and draw and as part as my procrastination with drawing I've been designing these nifty huge bags. This one is already available for purchase. Think I'm just making one, so that I can keep making new ones...(and have time to draw)

Big Man Bag, originally uploaded by junkprints.

I've felt the need to make bags. Lately that's all I've been inspired to do. I'm really playin with scale check out these hujormous bags...these are the types yer doctors want you about. This one is not on the site yet, but will be avaiable at Market NYC tomorrow! I'll be there selling my goodies. Stop by and say hi 😉


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