Poor Little Rich Girls

In the last decade I have noticed an onslaught of television shows about upper crust teens and their behavior. Whether the show revolved around a birthday party or just reflected daily happenings; these shows have exposed the world to the lifestyles of the rich and not-so famous. After years of watching some of these shows and losing an irrecuperable amount of brain cells in the process I have recently noticed a growing trend of shows in which the family and friends of these usually spoiled teens are beginning to cut the purse strings and force the teens to appreciate the value of a dollar. I definitely used to throw salt at these teens. Not because I wanted to be like them, but because I was annoyed at how spoiled and arrogant they acted. Now I actually feel bad for them. Just a teeny weeny tad bit. I can understand the necessity of these spoiled teens to appreciate how blessed they are, but I believe that the parents on these shows need to take more responsibility. I don't think that it's right for a parent to treat their daughter like a princess her whole life and then suddenly threaten to cut off all funds because they become bratty and spoiled. I don't know what the parents expected to happen. When you give somebody a Fendi purse for their fourth birthday what do you expect them to ask for on their sixteenth birthday? It was the job of the parents to provide their children with the tools they needed to survive in the real world. A world where nobody cares how many times you've been to St. Tropez, but rather how many cups of coffee you can get for the 9am Progress Meeting in the conference room. In the real world, nobody cares if you are Daddy's Little Girl unless "Daddy" owns the company. People are products of their environment, so how can these girls really be completely blamed for their behavior. It's just like Jay-Z said, "When you're used to FiletĀ  Mignon it's kinda hard to go back to Hamburger Helper".
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