Deck The Halls

I've always had a thing for skaters. Something about the whole skate culture is appealing to me. Except the falling part, that's kind of unfortunate. I think that if you're gonna wipeout  you should at least do it in style. That's where Junkprints comes in. We've teamed up with ArtsProjekt to create some really hot skate decks for all the skater girls and guys out there. So, if you skate more than you walk, this one's for you. Plus, think of all the money you'll save on gas.


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 This is the Binary Opposition graphic. I have been tackling the notion of things being binary (one or the other) and opposition in things that aren't. Stick with me, this is super important when it comes to matters of socializing,stereotypes and perception and shapes the way we interact with one another.Over the last year and some many have pegged my work, political, racial etc. It's just a mirror of what's around me. It's available at  and on sale for $150 (originally $200) til the new year.

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