Do you ever wish art was a full contact sport like Luche Libre Wresting? Well thanks to the Council on the Art & Humanities for Staten Island it now is! The teams of 5 have been chosen to battle to the death (well, kind of). Will my team the DINGLE BOTS conquer, slaying all so called artists  or will we drown in a bottomless pit of paint? Find out at art‐OFF, a monthly competition kicking‐off Second Saturdays Art Walk starting in March and running through June. At each event, a secret material will be revealed to those in attendance and each team will have an hour to create a work of art related to a theme chosen at random at the start of the event. Come out and cheer us on!
Art @ Bay 70 Bay Street Staten Island, NY, near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Click here for more info and to purchase tickets.

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 This is the Binary Opposition graphic. I have been tackling the notion of things being binary (one or the other) and opposition in things that aren’t. Stick with me, this is super important when it comes to matters of socializing,stereotypes and perception and shapes the way we interact with one another.Over the last year and some many have pegged my work, political, racial etc. It’s just a mirror of what’s around me.

It’s available at  and on sale for $150 (originally $200) til the new year.

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