“Knitta Please”

A new art form called “Yarn Bombing” or “Knit Graffiti” is a new and creative trend on the art scene. Magda Sayeg, founder of “Knitta Please“, is a Austin, Texas based artist who uses the craft of knitting to express her creativity in urban areas, her art has transformed into a form of street art.  In a way, she is able to create free publicity with her artwork just like graffiti on the exteriors of subways and bridges. When her art is strategically placed in urban areas, it creates a spark, a sense of urgency to create, accept, and to be influenced. She has covered buses, cars, trees, and streets with yarn, and she takes the traditional role of knitting to other modern levels of creativity. Yes, your great grandmother may have knitted a pair of mittens for you, but did she ever knit a tree or a bus in Mexico?

Yarn to Magda is the spray paint to graffitti artist. I assume the White House may be the next project on her list to “change.” She even makes yarn Iphone covers.  Here at Junkprints, we have been caught by the knitting bug as well. We have been making scarves as tall as trees, as thick as tires, and as warm as (…), well lets just say the sun. There called “Eff Winter” scarves, the title speaks for itself and others too, and they come in different colors like Eat Your Oatmeal, Everybody Loves The Sunshine, and Dooky Brown.

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Gold Medal Children

I have this long running joke with my friends that I will one day bear three children that will excel in sports that black people are not known for dominating. One child will be an ice skater, another will be a swimmer, and the last will be a skier or snowboarder. Do you see a theme among these sports? I do and the theme is water. You don’t see a lot of black people going to the Olympics for these kinds of sports. We have all the dry land sports on lock though.

For those of you who watched the Winter Olympics you already know about American speed skater Shani Davis who was the first black athlete to win a Winter Games medal. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the Olympics and don’t watch much sports in general, but I think Shani is fantastic. My children will definitely look up to him. And yes, if my children actually listen to me and become Olympians I will watch all of their games even if I don’t understand the rules.

The question now is why does it matter to me that my children become Olympians in those sports? The answer is that it doesn’t matter that much, but I think it would be cool if they did because those are just some sports that black people haven’t dominated yet. Plus, wouldn’t you want to bear gold medalists?

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Make Em Say Ugg, Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah

As I sit here writing, I am being warmed by the heat from my fireplace portable electric heater. Outside my window the sun is out shining gorgeously, but looks are deceiving. If you are in the Northeast you know that it’s really cold. Not only is it cold, it’s windy. The wind disrespects my bones, my jacket, and the umbrella I bust out when it flurries. Call me, Captain Obvious, but doesn’t it makes sense to dress warmly when it’s cold outside? Maybe it’s just me, but when it’s something like thirty-two degrees outside my initial thoughts are not to wear a mini-skirt and flip-flops.

Sometimes I see people walking outside wearing basically nothing and I feel cold for them.I used to know this kid who would never ever wear pants, even when it was snowing. And, then there was me in my six layers of clothing blowing my nose because I had a cold. Really, I was the one sick. I’m the kid who carries hand sanitizer everywhere and dresses weather appropriate. That kid, with the shorts, no jacket who occasionally wore mittens, never got sick.

Not only have I seen people wearing mini-skirts in this weather (at least wear thick tights if you’re gonna do it), I live in a town where every other girl rocks Ugg bootsugh. Ugh! Okay, so I tried some on the other day and they are very comfortable, but I refuse, refuse, refuse to buy a pair. Here’s my reason: They. Are. Not. Functional. They do have weather-resistant versions, but most people have Classic Ugg Boots.

Let me school you a bit about the history of Ugg Boots. Before they were popular stateside they were worn by surfers to wear after surfing. Hence, their Austrailian origin. So, they are really for the beach and the sand. They are not supposed to be worn in the snow. This is why they look ugly after the winter season. And, it’s not false advertising either because a lot of their advertisements are shot on the beach. Think about it. That’s they only thing I really have against them other than their appearance.

If you are currently wearing Ugg boots while reading this, don’t be ashamed. They are really comfortable, just not at all functional. However, if you are wearing the boots with a mini-skirt and bare legs in thirty degree weather you are dead wrong. I’m just saying….

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