Always A Bridemaid…

I am currently counting down the days (7 days) until my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom. I will be bouncing around Liverpool, Birmingham, and of course London for most of April. The primary reason for the trip is to attend my cousin's wedding where I will be a bridesmaid, again. I've never been to a wedding a just a guest. Somehow I am always roped in to be a part of the wedding party. Not that I mind, but I've dealt with my share of bridezillas. And, no I don't have "27 Dresses"...yet. Speaking of bridezillas, let me share with you my ultimate bridezilla moment: My aunt got married a few years ago and enlisted me as a bridesmaid. Not only were we forced to buy expensive Indian Remy weaves, she outfitted us in bubble gum Pepto Bismol pink dresses. I didn't even get to the hideous part yet. She wanted us to wear matching silver jewelry (earrings, necklace, and bracelet) which would've been okay except that I am allergic to silver jewelry. If worn I break out in hives. When I told her this she just about broke down and cried. Then she proclaimed that I would ruin her wedding if I didn't wear the jewelry. So being the trooper that I am I decided to at least wear the silver bracelet. So, of course I eventually broke out in hives and was itching my arm beyond belief. The wedding planner notices and rushes me to the ladies room where she busts out some Neosporin to put on my arm. That would've been okay except for the fact that I am also allergic to Neosporin. Obviously the hives grew worse after that. The end. I have a fear that this time around I will be walking down the isle in Birmingham looking like a sparkly candy cane because I've been outfitted with a red dress, cream- colored wrap and gold accessories. Well, at least they listened to me this time around when I told them about my allergies. Below are some pictures of hideous bridesmaid outfits. It gives me hope knowing that things could be worse:
I'm not going to lie. With an extra yard of fabric my dress could've looked like this. Honestly, it's very similar.
Were they going to a wedding or Solid Gold dancer auditions?
No words.
I never understood the ugly bridesmaid thing. Why would you want your friends to look bad? It's either a lot of brides are insecure or they just have bad taste. Maybe a little bit of both. Your friends are a reflection of you, so make them look as fly as possible.

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