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I recently came across a website called ““. When you look at the site it seems completely legit. It even comes with a pricing guide and order form. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. A site that “allows” users to buy a black friend if only for a night. It’s always nice to have at least one black friend, so they can answer all the questions you have about black people with risking get beat up over it. Safety first.

The site was created in 2003 by damali ayo, a Washington, D.C. born artist who prefers her name be written in lower case. “” uses satire to examine racism in the interactions between white and black people.

Let’s be honest. If this site actually allowed people to literally “rent-a-negro” sales would be through the roof. There are aspects of being “Black in America” that haven’t yet been covered by CNN.

Living in the suburbs for most of my life has put me in situations where I have been the “TBK” or “Token Black Kid”. As the “TBK” I have been the recipient of many questions about black culture and would like to put you up on game drop science school you share some answers with you.

Most of the questions have revolved around hair:

Question 1: Wow, your hair sure grows fast. What did you do?

Answer: Well, [insert name here] I got my hair done last night. So now they are in braids, a weave, etc. Therefore, this is not my real hair.

Question 2: Can I touch your hair?

Answer: No, you may not. I don’t like people touching my hair unless they are my hairdresser and even then I am wary because she tends to get a bit scissor happy.

Question 3: How do they braid your hair like that?

Answer: Essentially, they use fake hair and weave it through my real hair. It’s un-be-weave-able isn’t it?

Question 4: Why do you wrap you hair to sleep?

Answer: Wrapping your hair in silk material to sleep protects the hair from breaking. And, if your hair is relaxed it is especially important to cover it so it won’t look hideous in the morning.

Question 5: What’s the difference between a relaxer and a perm?

Answer: A relaxer chemically straightens the hair. A perm is not something that black people typically get done. If you’ve seen Legally Blonde you would know that perms are geared to make straight hair become curly.

Question 6: Is that all your real hair?

Answer: (If it is) Yes, it’s all mine, thanks for asking. (If it is not) Well, I bought and still have the receipt so yes, it’s all mine, thanks for asking.

There are so many questions I have answered, but there is not enough time to re-state them all here. Maybe I should be charging for this? Until then, feel free to post up any questions you would like me to answer.

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