I'm grinding my booty off in junkprints land. I've just completed the design of my summer/spring 09 junk. This will be the first group of items that is not entirely created by me. Over the last year and half I have made/printed over 1000 garments and accessories. I pretty much sleep an average of 5 hours. To me life is suppose to be about sustainability and balance, but somewhere along the lines of demand,  fulfilling wholesale orders, selling goodies on line and making stuff I stopped being balanced. Upon returning from Colorado in August I decided that it was time to clean up my act and pace my life and work. I had a hard time coming to the conclusion that all my goodies will not be made in house by me. I guess I felt like if I didn't make it, it was not guaranteed to be ethical, but working 75+ hours a week isn't ethical either, and I'm getting tired. So I did some leg work and found some amazing local printers, sewings and makers and the new line will be made domestically by folks who have health insurance and comfortable work environments and along with them I will be presenting spring/summer 09 slated to drop in over 35 stores world wide. This should give way for more amazing limited edition accessories and creative endeavours. I'll keep you posted on the journey. In the mean time it's freakin Holiday season. I've been making tons of accessories and remixed items because I'm gonna be all over NY metro region til santa comes and delivers your junkprints goodies to your door. Thank goodness for Rai she's a ray of light in junkprints land and her mom makes some bomb ass cheesecake. Today Rai and I made pins! Tomorrow who knows? These will be available at all my vending dates.

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