They Called Her Electric

Have you ever thought about old age? Sometimes I've thought about how I will be when I'm a senior citizen. Would I still be as active or as vital as I am now or will I have to depend on others to take care of me? My grandmother has been staying with us for a few weeks now and during her stay I have learned a little more about her life. My grandmother on my father's side is seventy-eight years old and is my only living grandparent. I would best describe our relationship as "Lost in Translation" because I do not speak much of our native language Igbo and she speak very little English. Interesting enough, somehow we make due. My grandmother is slowly beginning to develop Dementia. Sometimes she wants to go to the basement, but ends up wandering on the top floor of the house, confused because she can't find her room. Last year when she visited us from Nigeria she almost broke my heart. We were talking and then I left the room. Five minutes I came back only for her to ask my mother who that person sitting on the couch was. For her to forget me so quickly really saddened me, but I understood it was something out of her control. The other day, my grandmother and I were talking about her teenage years. This time my dad was doing the translating. She told me people use to call her Electric because of her energy and vitality. My father told me that she used to have suitors down the block waiting to marry her before she met my grandfather. Both proclaimed how beautiful she was way back when. To see her now you would definitely say that she was still beautiful. I think she looks pretty good for seventy-eight. Would I say that she was still energetic and vital? No. She has a hard time walking, especially up and down the stairs. She also needs to be taken care of by others. One time we left her to look over my five year old sister and I thought to myself, "Who's watching whom?" A lot of times we judge the elderly and act as if they are less than us because sometime they need more help doing things, or are not as technologically advance as us. If anything we should try to listen more and learn from them because history really does repeat itself. Just because the currents are not as strong as they used to be does not mean that my grandmother isn't still Electric.

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