Once upon a time, when one needed an image they would call up a painter. You know, someone who uses a brush and paint to create an idea, and then the photographer came along, and then the internet and the painter was well, a bit obsolete in the 'I need an image world'. Yes painters still exist, but I must say that most of the imagery that I consume never needs to dry. And then I came across the work of two painter that I absolutely love (and they are both alive)! Kehinde Wiley's work is amazing and it's really smart. I love how he juxtaposes the everyday dude in an epic, heroic Rococo setting.

 I came across the work if Leah Tinari while perusing Design is Kinky. I appreciate the playful nature of her work.

The part that I love most about both of these artists is that though they are using the classic artistic medium of paint, they have both managed to create works that could only have existed in this day and age. They both do a great job of questioning the notion of the 'master painter.' Ahhhh, I so inspired.

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