So I've got this little problem that makes it hard for me to concentrate, and it's nothing that Ritalin can solve. You see, I always think about fantastic adventures that I could be on if I wasn't busy being on my own fantastic adventure. Does that make sense? Basically I wish to live vicariously through a few people. This list changed from day to day but today's list includes the following characters/adventures. Flight School: Yeah I really  want to learn to fly planes. It seems like fun to be a pilot ...even if it's just crop dusting Lula:  A personal pal of mind that knows just about everyone in the world and def dances to the music in her own head. Never met a person who didn't love Lula. The inventor of Pantone, Sanrio, Twitter or the domestic serger. These are all such great concepts and I really wish I had a part in developing them Susana: A pal through a pal who describes herself as follows: "i hold two passports, speak four languages, and have owned a string of shitty bikes over the years. i think best on trains and fire escapes" Who doesn't wanna hang with her Roxy Cottontail: This is taken from her twitter Bio "Pro choice voter, full time weed smoker, part time Lolita and a famous club promoter." Minus all the weed, I'm all over this. I'm sure their are more characters/people/occupations but these are just a few that popped into my dome

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