Dear Government, I'd like to propose a new tax system in which upon paying my taxes I have the option to allocate what percentage goes to what.  I know in theory this is what my taxes are for, but I've figured out a way to make it more efficient and accurate. This would be pretty easy to implement. Here's my suggestion.  At the end of the form all you'd have to do is put a couple of check boxes ( I know how you love those), with options such as education, parks, health care, AIG and other bail out companies that will waste my money, etc. Then I check the appropriate box and put a percentage in the box. Cool thing is that you could send me emails that show me nifty pie charts and graphs indicating how much money will go into what based on tax payer's selections. Kind of like American Idol, but way more relevant to my life. Thx Uncle Sam, Chanel

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