Sometimes I get super annoyed at how white privileged fashion is. I hate the B.S., but love the art of fashion. I admit, I stay up on WWD and tend to peep what goes on on the runways.  It seems like fashion knows that it caters to white rich people is every once in a while sends a 'fuck you, I'm the boss' to the rest. That's exactly what I felt like this WWD article did to South Africa. The long and the short of it is that they are speculating where Chelsea Clinton and her new hubby spent there honeymoon and stated the following. "Well, sources say the newlyweds have headed into the wild — South Africa. While a spokesman for President Clinton declined to comment Monday, speculation is the couple is on safari in South Africa, which, if true, would make perfect sense. First, few people would recognize them in South Africa. And second, what paparazzi is going to risk being attacked by a lion or rhino just to get a photo of the couple?" Ooooookay, really WWD? That's all there is in S. Africa? Wildness, Rhinos & Lions? It's sooooo scary that no one would ever think to go that far, Even if you REALLY think that, pls explain why it was colonized in the first place, and it seems to be a hot spot for rich western vacationers. I love how South Africa is fit for an ex-president's daughter to vacation, but still a risky endeavour. Geesh, when is this 'Scary Africa' sentiment going to die?

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  1. This is how ignorant people see the whole African continent.
    Sometimes I want to slap them and say: “hellooo do you know there are big city, highschool universities, malls and a lot of things in Africa!”.

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