Sorry folks. Well let me fill ya'll in. I've been working on the Brooklyn Bodega site. Don't forget to get those Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival tickets. I'm planning on renegading the Roots Picnic with Junkprints stuff (yay the beginning of the JP road trips) and thought it was this weekend so I made a trillion of these wallets, but it's next (time to get my helmet adjusted). I've fallen in love with Yams at Grunge Cake Crisis magazine. Take a look at this video she did on me...it's a nice day and I'm super giddy. Chanel Kennebrew, Owner of Junkprints.com X GrungeCake! from The GrungeCake Crisis World Mag on Vimeo. I'm taking a cont. ed Flash class...It's beena while since I've been in school and I must admit I'ma  bit rusty at being a student, but my teacher is a fabulous flash guru and of geniouses existed, I'd def be one after this class.

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