Some NY train lines are just better than others. The L train, past Bedford is a wrap, just take a car service and save yerself some trouble. The JMZ smells funny. The Green lines are fast and move the most passive aggressive folks I've ever seen. It's always funny to see guys in suits run for seats on a train, especially when they are knocking out old folks, wheelchair folks and pregnant ladies.  The F train is the most over rated line, so many people clamor to live in park slope and carrol gardens but that F train that takes ya there is local (aka slow) and when the line has issues, just stay home cuz the alternatives suck. The 7 train features the most eyecandy. It's above ground once ya get out of Manhattan and the views of the graffiti walls are stunning.  The Q train is pretty much always on point, it's express in Manhattan and local in BK (but not as local as the F) even if the line is having trouble their are close alternatives and if it wasn't already a dope line here's some art work that makes it that much better.

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