Hiya pals! Last week I decided to start a new project (I know, I'm always starting something). Now that I"m working out of this amazing space in Red Hook, I have room to make more junk! Space is def a commodity in the NY area and I've decided to put it to good use by making 100 Dresses. Each one is based off of the same pattern (that I made, look ma I'm a real dress maker) but will be completely different, different sizes, patterns graphics etc. Usually I debut stuff on etsy but I was so antsy to show off my new dresses that I took 'em to the Artist and Fleas Market on Sunday and the Uptown Emerging Designer market on Saturday and I've sold 2 already (I'm only on #7) Peep some of the pics.

Dress #1

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  1. Love the flattering shape of the dress with your unique prints on it.
    Are they available on etsy?
    Keep up the good work and dispensing common sense and wisdom! go girl! oh and check out fashionspace it,s like myspace but for creatives/people in fashion/models etc…peace D

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