Hiya pals! I took a mini trip to Toronto last week and just got back early, this morning! Well it seems I wasn't the only one taking a lil time off, while I was gone a fire broke out at the place that does my hosting and so both sites were down for a chunk of the weekend...urg. O'well no use is crying over spilled milk, cuz I'm back and full of strange news. FIRST UP:  Sears'  Signs LL Cool J To Do Apparel Brand

It's true, Mr. Todd smith couldn't help but rehash the gold ol days as the face of FUBU and Gap and is now slated to be the mascot for a new line of casualwear for juniors, young men's, girls' and boys.' The first thought that jumped into my head is that at a time when Ashante is considered a thow back artist on BET, what 13 year old has heard of LL Cool J.? Sounds like hard times, nickles and dimes. SECOND UP: Naomi Campbell Charged With Assault

again? It's time for miss Campbell to make a gangsta rap album w/ all those charges

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