With the abundance of indie bloggers, It seems as though the art of telling a good story via the written language is getting lost. Back in the day a journalist would research a topic, interview a subject and write a story. Now a days it's all a matter of cut and paste. It seems like we are more concerned with debuting something new than taking the risk of analyzing information. This risk involves having an opinion, setting a context and giving the reader some incite into what the journalist wishes to express. I decided to write this after I noticed a pattern in interview that usually proceeds as follows. blogger: Hey I  really like your stuff and would like to 'feature' you on my site (sometimes they ask for free stuff too, and unless yer Perez Hilton or have twice as much site traffic as mine does,  the answer is no) me: That's great, I checked out your site,  and would love to be featured. How would you like to conduct the interview, phone (my preferred method), in person or online? blogger: Online, the following is a list of questions (very generic questions suitable for anyone in all fields) me: I respond with answers  (that I've copied and pasted from other interviews) blogger: (within 24hrs) The feature is up! me: (I check it out, it includes my photos and answers verbatim, rarely are the answers composed into a story and contextualized) I say thanks. blogger: Pls forward it and spread the word. (my audience already knows the answers to all the asked questions and why am interested in making your google adsense account fat?, Don't get me wrong, if it was a well formed story I would tell everyone I know, but I can't keep sending my customers to the same information, it's redundant and they will loose interest) What's the point? This is such a lazy approach to writing a 'story' Why not just feature products or art and call it a day instead of getting folks to write your blog for you? It doesn't make for dynamic content when done that way. this method is really contrived and leaves no room for human vulnerability which is usually the juicy part of reading an 'interview'. I would never call dookyblog a fashion blog, its more of an extended sketch book for me and I'm debating continuing it, and just twittering instead,  but that's a whole different story. In the mean time,  I challenge every blog 'writers' to step it up, roll up their sleeves and compose a story. Don't let all those journalist get laid off in vain. Make your content unique and you'll gain loyal readers, great advertisers, make lots of money, get invited to parties, have some scandals and go down in pop culture history.

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  1. We live in an age of NOW! Give it to me NOW! It’s too bad that people don’t research like they use to before throwing something up and just copy and pasting the interview questions. I feel like interview questions let you get to know the subject a bit more that way you can relate or tie together some of their pieces.

    Have you ever thought about doing stories on your blog?

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