Anuli’s Holiday Traditions (or lack thereof)

peanuts-christmas-tree-744374I’ll be the first to say that I love Christmas (presents), but why does it seem that the countdown to Christmas starts the day right after Halloween. Commercially, Thanksgiving totally gets left out of the equation and even Black Friday gets more shine (gotta love those dollar signs).

I realized that my family doesn’t really have any Christmas traditions like most families. Many families decorate their trees together or put up Christmas lights. Every year my family seems to get lazier and forgo such traditions. Two years ago we bought a fake tree that came with lights, so all we had to do was add a few ornaments for that a personal touch. We also stopped putting up lights altogether because we always hated having to take them down.

So what do I do for Christmas? Christmas for me consists of watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and annually opening up a consisting declining amount of presents. I wish I was four-years-old again like my sister because she’s at the age when parents shower their children with gifts, so in this case I’m definitely past my prime.

My friends and I planned a holiday party this year. It was called “The All-Inclusive Christmahanukwanzikah-Solstice Party Shin-dig Thing” (I know you like the title, right?). We celebrated traditions from all of the holidays. Yes, Winter Solstice is a real holiday. People tried to tell me otherwise, but it’s actually celebrated in countries all over the world. Think of it as the OG (original gangsta) Christmas because a lot of Christmas traditions were derived from Winter Solstice. The party was great and just the way I imagined it. Trying to organize a wholesome party for college students is no easy task, trust me. Maybe this could be my holiday tradition…we’ll see.

I want to know what your Holiday traditions are. Leave a comment and let me know. Maybe it’ll inspire me to up my Holiday Cheer ante.

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  1. Hey, just found you on the front page of etsy. Love your style. We are naming our little girl (due in March) Matilda, so I was super excited to see your adorable Matilda line.

    No holiday traditions yet, really, but I’m gonna start a ginger bread house making one some day when Matilda is old enough to enjoy. Sometimes I make cookies, while my hubby hangs out and watches Christmas movies, but this year I am too pregnant and lazy.

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