For the 4th of July I did the most American thing that one can do Lol... Well, I went to the Nathan's world hot dog eating contest (hey don't take away my cool points) I really wanted to ride to Coney Island and watch goons stuff their faces with tubes of meat rejects. I didn't see much cuz I'm kinda short but I did get some pics and for the first time ever their was a tie...dun dun dunnnnn. So they did the obvious thing and made them eat 5 more hot-dogs [insert barf] and 'America' aka Joey Chestnut beat 'Japan' aka Takeru Kobayashi. Resulting in a thrilled crowd chanting 'America! America!' Wowwwwwwww, this must be the American Dream. okay Enough of the sarcasm, as strange as it was I had a great time and though I prob won't attend next year's festivities I will be biking to Coney Island more this year.

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  1. They were shoutin ‘America’ because that Japanese dude has won for the past 3 or 4 years. Gotten tons of endorsement deals as a result.

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