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It is pretty evident, if not obvious, that if you want your business, blog, or brand to thrive you must tap into as many online networks as possible. It's definitely cheaper than printing out flyers and you'll reach a lot more people when promoting yourself online. Everyday I check my blog roll on Google Reader, which allows me to quickly scan through my favorite sites. A lot of my favorite sites include personal style blogs where the blogger posts pictures of their style each day. I also like to check out sites like chictopia and I recently started a chictopia page in hopes to promote my personal blog. Chictopia is a site where you post your outfits and other members give you chic points if they approve. A good thing about sites like Chictopia is that you can find a lot of like minded people (in terms of fashion) who could be potential followers of your business, blog, or brand. Most people use it as a promotion method. I tried it for a while, but grew tired of it. While I love looking at other people's outfits, posting pictures of myself everyday made me feel a bit vain. Plus, I dislike posing for pictures in general. I began to feel that I needed to gain the approval of the other people on the site. As if I needed some reassurance that I am chic and have a cool personal style. One thing I dislike is seeking the approval of others and here I was posting my pictures and fishing for comments. No me gusta (I don't like). So, I've stopped posting pictures of my daily outfits online because I like the way I dress and don't need comments on it. Some people are intense and have daily photo-shoots scheduled, that's just not for me. I rather live in the moment than have to pray I have enough memory in my camera to capture it. I will continue to read daily style blogs, but as far as posting my outfits online...I'll pass.

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  1. this is totally how i feel about daily outfit photos. i like if they are natural or aren’t just taken to get approval, if its for the persons on digital scrapbook or just coz THEY think it looks cool, i’m all for it, but when people are constantly asking for approval of what they’re wearing, it just feels like high school again.

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