Nothing Lasts Forever

Maybe I should call this post "Nothing Lasts at Forever21", but I thought the other title sounded more profound. Maybe when read you would assume that I would write about how important it is to live life  to the fullest, to think positively, and yada yada yada. You should know that by now, right? Instead of talking about that I would like to discuss Forever21, more specifically why I will try to stop shopping there. Can I tell you a secret? Come closer to the screen this is for your eyes only. The secret is that I check the Forever21 website everyday. I can tell you what time new things are posted and when the new collections will come out. It's sad really. Now I'm not saying I shop there all the time and that my closet consist of items only from that store, but I will say that many of my hard earned dollars have contributed to the store's success. What's better than getting cute clothing at an affordable price?  One thing  I can think of that is better is getting quality clothing at an affordable price. Let's be honest, Forever21 clothing is not the best quality. They are good if you want to buy into a season trend, but not that great for the long haul. It's like dating a cute guy with no substance. He'll please you momentarily, but eventually the two of you will have to have an actual intelligent conversation. You see my problem here, right? I am not trying to start some anti-Forever21 revolution I'm just trying to build a better closet for myself. Nonetheless, here are some reasons that I will not shop at Forever21 anymore: 1. Everyone shops there. How can you express your creativity if all your friends own all the same pieces? 2. Think about the sweat shops. The people that work in Forever 21 make less than $2 a day. 3. Small cloest with quality clothing > Big closet with non-quality clothing. 4. I don't ever want to be a slave to fashion. I love fashion (mostly fashion history), but I'm not going to buy something just because a few editors tell me to. If I don't want to wear clogs this spring then I won't. Seriously, I won't be wearing clogs this spring (bleh). That's it for now. I'm sure you can think of other reasons. Now the question is: Will I throw away all my Forever21 merchandise? Answer: Hell no! That was some hard earned money and I don't waste. 21 doesn't last Forever so it's not like I'll be wearing a lot of those things five years from now, but until then I'll wear whatever is currently in my closest. I don't want to make it seem like Forever21 is the only store of it's nature, so just insert Charlotte Russe, Wetseal, and Topshop where ever you see fit because they are all essentially the same. Yes, I'll stop shopping at those places too, not that I go there as much as I did Forever 21. The great thing about not shopping at stores like that anymore is that it'll drive me to check out other shops and think of new ways to dress that will allow me to express myself better. The point is that it's better to think outside the box with style sometimes. Don't just buy for convenience, dig a little deeper and have fun shopping in different type of places. This is the official blog of Junkprints, so of course I'm going to encourage you to buy some junk here. Check out the show Blood Sweat and T-Shirts tonight at 10pm on Planet Green: Six shopaholics head to New Dehli to discover how it is working in a sweatshop. Sounds interesting to me so I'll be tuning in.

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