Old School Style Should Be New School Style

Lately it seems that I either don’t watch television or I just watch old movies and television shows.  To me, there is just something about them. I think it’s because the story lines are better. There’s really nothing that we are doing now that hasn’t been done before. I also think that I watch because I like the way people used to dress. Not this, “I look like I just rolled out of bed, but I really spend two hours getting ready” look that is gaining popularity today. Back then people cared about looking neat and put-together, which I like. I was raised with old school discipline. My mother would never let me leave the house without a watch because, “a lady always wears a watch” and god forbid if I left wearing sweatpants and wasn’t heading to the gym. I still live by these principles and wish others did too because I’m tired of the pajama pants in boots look I’ve been noticing lately. Here is a link to the movie Mahogany (1975) starring Diana Ross. Now, this is a movie with style and panache (I love that word). Thank me later.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! D. Ross had crazy style back then. I’ve always wanted to see this movie but was too lazy to sign up for Netflix.

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