Daytime Talk Shows: Save the Drama For Your Mama

On the days that I am off from work do not call me, email me, text me, or knock on my door between the hours of 2pm to 6pm. Why? It’s because I have to watch my stories. Now these aren’t your grandmother’s stories. I don’t watch daytime soap operas; I watch daytime talk shows. I used to be an avid Oprah viewer and at four o’ clock nothing could pull me away from the television, but at the same time Tyra comes on at four too, so of course I had to multitask. I eventually realized that I really watched Oprah to see Dr. Oz. It’s sad, but if he told me that I have to eat ten hot chili peppers a day to clear my skin I probably would believe because he’s just like that for me. Now Dr. Oz has his own show; praise the lord. And, his show comes on by 2pm. Rather than give you my whole television schedule I’m just going to cut to the chase. I’m a fan of shows like the Tyra Banks show. And, I’ll admit that I sometimes turn on Maury Povich in the mornings; please forgive me. I watch these shows to hear about the crazy things people do and the secrets that they hide, plus Maury’s pregnancy test participants are hilarious. On Twitter, I’ve tweeted that “Maury Povich is the lifeguard in the cesspool of life”. People come on his shows and just put themselves so far out there while he mediates. It makes me wonder why people feel comfortable revealing themselves to a loved one on national television instead of one-on-one. I remember watching an episode of the Tyra Banks show where a teenage girl confessed to her mother that she is a stripper. I felt so embarrassed for the mother because you could tell that the girl came from a good home and lived a comfortable life; so it wasn’t completely necessary for her to strip. The issue was that she didn’t want to ask her family for help to pay her student loans and felt that stripping would provide her with an avenue to handle her finances alone. Now that is a personal issue, but she felt that it would be easier revealing it on television because her mother wouldn’t scream at her in public. I can see why she would think that is a valid reason to put her mother on television, but I don’t think she thought about it thoroughly. Her mother kept her composure on screen, but I’m sure that when they got backstage she smacked that girl upside her head. If I were the mother I would be twice as mad that my daughter didn’t think she could ask for my help and that she had to tell me that on television knowing that everyone would be talking about it around the water cooler the next day at work. I'll admit that these shows are intriguing, but I would never go on television with personal issues. I can understand it from a business point-of-view because those episodes must bring in high ratings for the shows, but does it always help the family to be put on blast like that? I can understand the intervention shows where family members coaxed an addict to reveal their feelings on television. If the embarrassment of seeing yourself looking a mess on television doesn’t sober you up then I don’t know what will. But, do all problems need to be solved by Tyra? There are some things that are better left behind closed doors. What do you think? Is television an appropriate place to air out dirty laundry?

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