Gold Medal Children

I have this long running joke with my friends that I will one day bear three children that will excel in sports that black people are not known for dominating. One child will be an ice skater, another will be a swimmer, and the last will be a skier or snowboarder. Do you see a theme among these sports? I do and the theme is water. You don't see a lot of black people going to the Olympics for these kinds of sports. We have all the dry land sports on lock though. For those of you who watched the Winter Olympics you already know about American speed skater Shani Davis who was the first black athlete to win a Winter Games medal. I'll be honest, I didn't watch the Olympics and don't watch much sports in general, but I think Shani is fantastic. My children will definitely look up to him. And yes, if my children actually listen to me and become Olympians I will watch all of their games even if I don't understand the rules. The question now is why does it matter to me that my children become Olympians in those sports? The answer is that it doesn't matter that much, but I think it would be cool if they did because those are just some sports that black people haven't dominated yet. Plus, wouldn't you want to bear gold medalists?

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