Yep it's a bitter sweet death. Cosmo Girl was like my tabloid vice. It was a swell lil fashion mag that's target market was rich lil white girls...go fig. I mean come on, $500 boots for back to school. It was ridiculous.

The only time you really saw a lady of color in the mag was if  they were a R&B singer or a Barbie sidekick model, you know, the 'ethnic friend.' Tokenism at it's best! I can't front though, them lil rich girls were pretty well put together in the mag. Ohh well, I'm kind of glad it's going in the toilet. The last thing we need is more girls with self esteem and beauty aesthetic issues. I'm not blaming Cosmo girl for these issues (that would be like blaming hip hop for violence...and that's just silly) but it def didn't help the issues. I'd love to be the editor of Seventeen or Cosmo girl, could ya'll imagine, I'd have articles like 'How to get your white BF to introduce you to his parents' or 'I'm normal...my hair is like this all the time and so what if I smell like curry',  'My brother doesn't play football' 'Nothin wrong with a lil bit of bump in the trunk' 'All Asians aren't Chinese' 'Take Our 'Are you an Entitled Brat' Quizz" LOL...I could get use to this.

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