#Music Monday: Spring Cleaning

I just began the daunting process of cleaning out my Ipod. The task seems simple enough, just click and delete. However, it is something that I have been putting off doing because I know that it will force me to face my own foolishness. I like to think of myself as somewhat conscious of the world around me. I do not claim to know everything or claim to always be correct, but I try to least be open to learning new things. My Ipod is filled with a vast assortment of tunes. I have everything from Keith Urban to Anita Baker to De La Soul. In my group of friends I'm usually the first to point out discrepancies whether it is a typo in a book or a contradictory song lyric. Cleaning out my Ipod has made me think about my own discrepancies and contradictions. In addition to the Keith Urban, Anita Baker, and De La Soul songs featured  in my Ipod I also have popular songs like "Donk" by Soulja Boy and "Shake it Fast" by Mystikal. I like to think that I am an empowered woman and I'd be damned if a dude called me a ho, bitch, harlot, slut, skank, whore, trollop, jezebel, the list goes on. Why? Because I'm a lady gosh darnit and should be treated as such. But if I'm such a lady then why do I allow myself to listen to degrading music about shaking my donk? These thoughts led me to clean out my Ipod. As I write I am trying to think of a good answer to the question above. Why do I listen to degrading music? I can't think of anything other than it's convenient. People take what they are given. It's sad, but it's true. Songs that talk about "Busted Babies" and "Jumpoffs" are what is readily available to the public and when that is what you are used to hearing you don't usually go looking for something else. It's like sitting down in front of the television playing a show you don't like and then all of a sudden realizing you lost the remote. Rather than get up from the couch to change the channel you just sit and watch what's already on. Why? Because you're lazy...and I was lazy too. This isn't to say that I only listen to booty-shaking music. I definately don't, but I will admit it took up a good amount of gigabytes on my Ipod.So, how does one go about cleaning up their Ipod? Personally, I'm just letting my Ipod play on shuffle until a questionable song comes up. Then I ask myself some questions: What is the song's message? Would I be comfortable with my little sister listening to this? Would I mind if someone spoke to me this way? If the song leads me to feel negatively about it in anyway then I just delete it. It's actually easier than I thought because I realize that I feel uncomfortable when these songs are played at parties and I'm expected to dance to them. Some people say that commercial rap music (rap of the booty-shaking and thuggish variety) is the cause of  the problems in our society. Personally, I don't think it is. The world was pretty messed up before guys started wearing baggy jeans and girls started dropping it low on television. The main issue is that music is a business and corporations will continue to allow commercial rap music to degrade women if it increases profits. In order to change the direction of music into something more positive more people especially women have to say, "I'm not buying it". So, here it goes: "I, Anuli, am not buying it".

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