High End Ink

Now this isn't necessarily a fashion blog. No runway reviews or daily outfit posts will be found on the Dookyblog anytime soon. However, there are times that we like to point out interesting things in the fashion community because we are a part of it even if we don't take it too seriously. In other words, just because someone tells me that clogs are in fashion doesn't mean I am going to run to the store to buy them. So just because Chanel is now selling pretty neat looking fake tattoos in their stores doesn't mean I am going to fly to Paris to buy them. Especially since they run at $75.00 for a box of 50. If you do the math that is about $1.50 per tattoo which really isn't too bad, but who buys fake tattoos in bulk? If given the chance would I wear the tattoos? No, but that's only because wearing fake tattoos or real ones isn't my style. Would I judge people who bought the Chanel tattoos? No, because I think they are cool if you can pull them off and who am I to tell you how to spend your $75.00? If someone gave you $75.00 dollars to buy something what would you buy? Would you buy the Chanel tattoos, or treat two of your friends to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory even if you don't particularly care for cheesecake? I call dibs on the Cheesecake Factory idea.

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