The “Props Rock” Series: Alexa Meade

This is the second in our "Props Rock" series. I think the title explains it all. The purpose of this series is to give props to people who we think rock. After the discovering the work of Washington, D.C. based artist Alexa Meade I decided that she rocks and warranted some props. It also helped that she's from D.C. which gave me a bit of hometown pride. Her technique is visually different than anything I've seen before. She paints on three dimensional surfaces, live models, and architectural spaces. On her website Meade writes, "Essentially, my art imitates life-on top of life. For example, with Portrait of a Self-Portrait you are simultaneously looking at a portrait I painted of myself, a photo I took of myself, and at me."
"Portrait of A Self Portrait"
Meade's Work
Meade's Work
Meade's Work
If you are in the New York area check out Alexa Meade's art show at Postmasters Gallery on Friday, April 2nd, 2010.

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