The American Dream...interesting concept. Sometimes American patriotism gets all wrapped up ignorance. It's as if the extreme war mongers, right wing groups or white supremacists are the only one allowed to be Americans and everyone else has to be hyphenated (Native-Americans, African-Americans, etc.) or scrutinized about their patriotism. That's why it was so awesome when Obama became president. He's a sign of changing times. Usually when I hear 'The American Dream' phrase I take an outsiders perspective (think  Robert Frank's "The Americans" book). Lately I've been trying to look at it from an insider's perspective and focus on my experience in The U.S. compared to my parent's and grandparent's. My mom's parents immigrated to the U.S. with her from Belize and my father's parents have a few more mutted generations of U.S./Canadian life under their belts, but ultimately both seem to have many shared experiences and have helped shape this place I call home. The American Dream is the opportunity to make individual choices without the restrictions of class, caste, religion, race, or ethnic group. So I guess we're the American Dream (in progress), living life, seeking liberty and in pursuit of happiness, but the product of a bitter sweet nomadic past.

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Happy? Confederate Memorial Day

Yep ya'll read that right.  Today is Confedetate Memorial day. My dad sent me a text this morning and told me that in Atlanta some of the goverment buildings are closed in honor of the occasion) and that there were BBQs all over town....WOW!!!!!!! [pls insert Flavor Flav's tone here for best affect] Well, ya know yer girl had to do a bit of research on the matter. Did you know that this holiday is observed in more than 10 states across the south. Ironically in Arkansas it's shared with the state holiday of Martin Luther king's birthday (you know someone was laughing their ass off at this). It's interesting because usually the losers don't get a commemorative holiday. Isn't that the rules, if you fight for the losing side you don't get remembered? Where's the Mexican-American War Memorial Day? I guess it's just another example of  'manifest destiny' in relation to history.

pls click on this pic and read the story, American history is more complex than the text book would like us to believe...i'm still not making conclusions, just presenting options.
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