Sorry folks. Well let me fill ya'll in. I've been working on the Brooklyn Bodega site. Don't forget to get those Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival tickets. I'm planning on renegading the Roots Picnic with Junkprints stuff (yay the beginning of the JP road trips) and thought it was this weekend so I made a trillion of these wallets, but it's next (time to get my helmet adjusted). I've fallen in love with Yams at Grunge Cake Crisis magazine. Take a look at this video she did on me...it's a nice day and I'm super giddy. Chanel Kennebrew, Owner of Junkprints.com X GrungeCake! from The GrungeCake Crisis World Mag on Vimeo. I'm taking a cont. ed Flash class...It's beena while since I've been in school and I must admit I'ma  bit rusty at being a student, but my teacher is a fabulous flash guru and of geniouses existed, I'd def be one after this class.
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I don't usually make stuff in all black because I figure that in order to off set the majority of designers one would need to make things in hot pink for about a trillion years. Honestly, new yorkers dress like coals. But black is pretty awesome and this bag rules the school...and any chance to say that I made something sophisticated will be honored.


This one will be available tomorrow on junkprints.com

While I'm at it, this is an ode to blackness, some of my fave black stuff.

Ampersand cuff links from Veer Little Radiant Horn Earrings by sanfranblissco Leather Jacket by Diesel Zipper Bracelet figure 8 by Kate Cusack Boots by Amoart Fred Hampton Poster by Emory Douglas Post Post Modern Necklace by Brookdelphia
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I was recently approached to showcase some art work for the midtown Publicis office. I love the irony that one of the worlds largest ad agency selected an artists that spends most of her time critiquing consumer media through her work.  With the help of my pal Jonathan I decided to so an installation. The wall is about 12ft x 7ft and the whole thing is comprised of Junkprints and Publicis misprints and mockups. The frame was gleaned from a photo studio, making the whole piece inherently made from recycled materials.




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 This is the Binary Opposition graphic. I have been tackling the notion of things being binary (one or the other) and opposition in things that aren't. Stick with me, this is super important when it comes to matters of socializing,stereotypes and perception and shapes the way we interact with one another.Over the last year and some many have pegged my work, political, racial etc. It's just a mirror of what's around me. It's available at junkprints.com  and on sale for $150 (originally $200) til the new year.

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I think this project is amazing, for many reasons. It's pretty much like fuck that, "I want world peace" saying, there are alot of freakin issues at steak and they should be addressed intelligently, not by strange traditional competitive beauty pageant women who wear too much makeup, have big hair and and spend more time spray tanning than thinking.

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When it comes to the ownership of one's sexuality I'm not a fan of liminal spaces. A young girl btwn the ages of 18-20 once asked if I could take some pictures of her because she had dreams of becoming a 'Video Vixen.' So I asked her what her definition of a video vixen was and she pretty much told me that she wanted to shake her scantly clad ass in rapper's videos. Perhaps I'm the wrong person to speak to about these matters because my problem wasn't with her being scantly clad and sexified on TV, my problem is that she wasn't OWNING herself. If she said she wanted to start up a porn site I would have been much more receptive, because at least she would be reaping a good chunk of the financial benifits that comes along with porn, instead of getting her face cropped out of videos a and told to shake, for long hours, little pay and everlasting social implications. My motto is that if you are going to get paid to be objectified just take it all the way...ain't no half steppin. First off let's start with a working definition of Feminism. It is defined as the belief of the political, social, and economic equality of women. Just wanted to get that in before you started envisioning old white ladies trying to vote and angry lesbian archetypes.   Historically women who have owned their sexuality have not been included in the feminist canon of progressive history. They end up scribed as whores, which I think is all wrong because in their own way they are tackling the social equality part of the feminism definition.  We are all aware of the double standard when it comes to hetero sex, you know, the dude gets props for being promiscuous but the gal is a tramp if she sleeps around. I'm with you though, there's a thin line between an insecure woman who lets people have their way with her and one who uses sexuality to leverage for things.  I was reading The Seductress by Elizabeth Prioleau. the author writes in an over zealous style but the content is on point. She mentions Wallis Windsor, Cleopatra, Josephine Baker, violinist Violet Gordon Woodhouse, Gloria Steinem, Mae West,  as well as many other non conventional feminists. I must add that she tends to reference alot more women of color than one's normal feminist studies book.  Any hoot, this book had  me thinking. Power struggles are complicated and usually have to start with one's redefinition of terms and boundries. To see the rest click here When my husband first read the title of this ladies' story I rolled my eyes but after watching it and hearing her speak I was totally routing for Natalie. She's got a pretty smart idea and I the only part that's a bit disturbing to me is that the bunny ranch dude takes half...but half of 1mil or more? It's still not a bad deal and alot more (in terms of emotional compensation) than most women' get for their virginity.  Ohh and about Tyra, as a model who had her start and beginning fortune as an objectified glorified hanger (model), how can she begin to judge her decision.  It might be a stretch but beyond all the media frenzy I put Natalie's action of auctioning off her virginity right along side Yoko Ono's 1965 "Cut Piece" Whether your with me or not on this one, it's got people thinking and that's always a good thing.
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It was nice to take a trip and since I've started Junkprints clothing this has been the longest period of time I've been away from Brooklyn. So it was def much needed. I had a chance to get some thinking in and this trip changed my whole perspective on alot of things, politics babies, family, lifestyle etc. I'll keep it simple in this recap and first talk about the show I had the honer to participate in. When I first saw the address for the Gallery all I could think of is how cracky the area was. It's been a minute since I've been in Denver. The last time I was there, a gallery such as Andenken did not exist and the area that Andeken lived in was the home of raves and crack heads. At that time Denver art work pretty much consisted of commissioned oil pastels and bronze sculpture of buffaloes, Indians and cowboys aka lame as hell. As if the institutional brick and brown skyline isn't enough. It's as if city planning didn't want anyone to forget that the most amazing part of CO is the epic endless sky (god forbid you'd go their anything else...I swear if I had one more moron make a dumb ass comment about my dreads I think I would have cut my leg off and stuck it up their...we'll just keep this rated pg13). Anyhoot, when I pulled up to this awesome warehouse space my jaw just about dropped. The place was super awesome and for a quick second I forgot all about the oversized bronze live stock littered all over the city and disguised as art. I was pretty inspired. Yay! Go Denver for keeping up on yer Juxtapose Mag and shit. Didn't know you had it in ya. After dropping off my art work. My dad took me to go see Rick Griffith at Matter Studio. He gave me and the fam a tour our his fantastic design and letter press studio. Damn I miss that studio. Wish I had had a chance to go back while I was in Denver, but ya'll should def check out his work. It will enhance your like...or at least affect it in some shape of form. It's good to see Rick doin' his thing and holding down those presses. Next time I'm out there I wanna intern at Matter, or at least take the trash out from time to time.


After that I pretty much stayed close to my pal Naomi, I planned this trip around her due date. Yep that's right my gal (and her man) brought a freakin child into the world. Generally I'm not really into babies. I appreciate them but they aren't my thing. They're fragile, they look funny at first, the shit and cry and need stuff all the time and a good chunk of them grow to be assholes. Yes, some of 'em grow up to be awesome folks, but let's not kid ourselves, even Hitler was someones lovable baby at one point. This baby is special though, because both of his parents are reasonable, open minded, free thinking folks and that just might be the formula for being parents. I don't know exactly what it is, but I was def inspired and kinda mushy on the inside for their fantastic family. "My own babies?" you ask...I wasn't that inspired, and anything that requires me to not roller skate or jump on trampolines for long periods of time is a hindrance to my quality of life, call it selfish but I know my limits. And then the show opened! Yah! Except for the art work wasn't freakin labeled. That's right, they did a group show, had a press opening and didn't label the work. Shepard Fairey was swarmed with press but the rest of us chumps (well the ones that were their to witness the show) were on our own. This sucked balls and I left shortly upon arrival pretty pissed off and ready to take my work off the walls. Sometimes I have a hard time asking for stuff and get all upset on the inside trying to figure out what's a fair request. This was one of those moments. So I decided to give the coordinators a piece of my mind the next morning and threatened to pull the work it wasn't labeled by noon on the terms that it was wack to invite artists to show work (many of it created specifically for the occasion of supporting the Democratic convention) and not to give them credit. WTF??? So after I spoke with them they assured me that the work would be labeled (after letting me know that it wasn't just my work that wasn't labeled, so basically they were doing  bunch of artists dirty not just me, yay! solidarity in your fuck up, that makes me feel alot better;) I had to check things out for myself . When I arrived they were in the midst of putting up maps and gallery guides for the art work so I labeled my own art work and spoke to them again, and well, I'm a sucker! They gave me passes to live performances there and I left with a smile. Sorry for all ya'll that didn't get credited, I can't fight all the battles all the time and my dilemma had been solved. Check this out...after I labeled my art work I got contacted by 3 publications that afternoon doing write ups on the show. Go figure.

After all that whoohaaa I finally had a chance to enjoy the show and enjoy the festivities. Over all  the show was great, I was super excited to be showing with a great group of artists. I know that the theme was Hope and Change but I didn't anticipate sooooo many portraits of Obama. I was taken aback by it and couldn't help but compair it to Nazi propaganda art. I don't remember an election that had so much iconic imagery centered around one man and his theme (maybe I'm too young). I am NOT comparing Obama to the Nazis, I am simply comparing the propaganda and effect on the audience. I literally saw folks in tears at just a mention of Obama and his intentions. It's awesome to see folks this moved but a bit concerning because ultimately the 'hope, change, believe' thing was put into production by a marketing team, with a target audience. Obama seems to stand behind this 100%, but it's still a sold concept like the 'Be Kanye' ads and I think it's important to keep things in perspective and use some media literacy to decipher this stuff as best we can. The show organizers had asked that some of the artist donate the art work to help raise money for the campaign. I know that campaigns are expensive and I appreciate Obama not taking money from private lobbyists but I can't cosign private jets and expensive dinners for Obama and crew, so I decided not to donate my piece and just felt that my artwork could serve a broader cause then that. I look forward to the elections and the debates and can't wait to see it all unfold. As a side note that Palin chick is wack and I'm not feeling the tokenism, McCain an peeps.

...and one more thing. If you find yourself in Denver, well Thorton to be exist. you must go to jump street...wall to wall trampolines. NO LIE! It smells like feet but after you get over that, you can play dodge ball on trampolines and get completely pooped out in less than 20mins.
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As some of ya'll may have noticed, I have a tendency to write about things in retrospect. Believe it or not it is peculiar to to me to share my life so publicly and in real time, I know, pretty strange for a gal who takes tons of pics of herself wearing her own clothes...hey I'm still working it out. With that being said. I had an awesome time speaking with Bruce  at the ACCs summer salon conversation. The fine folks at Etsy documented the whole thing.

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I'm such a huge admirer of Jeff Staple  of Staple Design and just about all his business endeavors. The other night I ended up at the private opening of the this fantastic show at his store Reed Space. In fact it was sooo private that I got kicked out ....go figure, but not before I got a few shots. The man himself was there surrounded by a harem of Asian chicks. It was like a blaxploitation film, Jeff was Shaft...no lie.


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