Acceptable Coonery

Every once in while I find my self making a conscious effort to not be  a negative stereotype of a black person...and then I feel super silly about it, because I can't fully control how folks will or won't react to things and that type of over analysis is retarded. With that being said, I am particular about who I'll eat watermelon in front of...I ain't no coon, I'm just sayin. I love (and hate) my hip hop music and must admit that I jam out to alot of things I can't co-sign on and have taken the liberty to compile a short, non complete list of extreme cases. 1. Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't have None) by Snoop Can't say that I've ever tried to convince my lovers to make Mclovin' with my homies, but hey, what ever floats your boat. 2. Ante Up by M.O.P. Honestly I never find my kidnapping people, but do consider it as a career option when I hear this. 3. Anything by the Clipse Generational drug dealing is always makes for entertaining dinner conversations 4. Just about anything DJ Quick has ever said. I consider my self to an educated, well rounded, cultured gal, and these def do not fit in with my feminist views but I love them to pieces and the only justification I can give for this, is that I love the stories. Yeah, I wouldn't necessarily compare Ante Up with the Bicycle Thief,  or Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart but they all tell  engaging  stories. What music do you get engaged with but don’t relate to?
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I love creating designs based on vocabulary. It's like the grown up version of sesame street..."brought to you by the letter b". While I was in Costa Rica, I had some interesting conversations centered around race and based off of a few silly questions/comments directed at me (as if i am the spokes person for 'black' America) such as 'Do you like being black?' and 'It's an honor to meet a black American, I love your music' I came to two conclusions Americans of color must travel more, can't let TV be your only global representation and it's good for you, and that 'blackness' is a very warped strange commodity that gets lost in translation and is often irrelevant to most individual matters of communication. Remember we're all human first (then all the other baggage, ie, male/female, ethnicity etc). So I present to you the black on black tee, it's for everyone, it's better than black on black crimes, or any crimes for that matter and kinda makes me chuckle.
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Black History Month

It's February so you know what time it is. It's Black History Month. I feel that some people (check out the foolishness below) use Black History Month as a way to get away with acting crazy and making certain people feel guilty. That's is definitely not the point of Black History Month. The point of it is to make everyone not just black people  recognize the remarkable things that black people have contributed to our nation. To me it's a month of recognition to remember how far we've come and where we can go. Check out the video below for what NOT to do on Black History Month:
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Real Black MusicMy pal Olivia recently returned from Japan and I got a chance to chat with her about her adventures.

1:20 AM me: where are you? in Tokyo still?
1:26 AM Olivia: i'm here. wait i gotta send you something
one sec
Olivia: i just sent it to your email
1:27 AM me: wow! LOL
Olivia: yea
fer real
me: not the fake black music
Olivia: lol!!!
me: the real kind
at the real sam's
Olivia: REAL!!!
Sam, himself
me: that's crazy I love it
1:28 AM what does fake black music sound like?
Olivia: lol
1:37 AM i dunno
me: brain is busting
Olivia: there's something for everyone there i guess
we found porno figurines in gum ball machines
i got this one of a nurse with her feet spread out in stirrups
me: REALLY! That's awesome and really fucked up at the same time
Olivia: its so fucked up
1:38 AM there was one we couldn't find in the actual ball
but it's this naked lady
on a cross
me: haaa haaa
Olivia: with the head piece and everything
me: who is that for?
soooo wild
Olivia: lady madeline?
i dunno
1:39 AM me: I'm laughing so hard I'm crying
Olivia: lol!!
it's amazing chanel!
me: sounds like outer space
Olivia: we accidentally went into a vampire cafe too!
it was so scary
me: did you get bit
Olivia: we turned around to leave and the elevator door was decorated with crosses!
1:40 AM the carpet was lit up with red blood cells!
we got out before service came to the front though
but they were decked out
the music everything

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