“A Synonym of Ridiculous” : Bad Religion

I like to think of myself as a very open and non-judgmental person. Even though I'm known for talking sh!t (remember, this is the Dookyblog) I try to never cross the line from funny and true to just plain rude and insensitive.I respect people of all religions and spiritual beliefs , but one thing I absolutely cannot respect is when religion is exploited. Recently, I went window shopping (i.e. adding things to my cart that I'll eventually not buy). The great thing about it was that I didn't have to spend any money on transportation to do so. How was this possible? Did I discover how to teleport myself to the mall? No, I simply opened up a window on my laptop and went online. I eventually found myself at the Forever21 website where they were selling "Beaded Rosary Necklaces" and "Religious Saints Bracelets". Call me prude, but I don't feel that rosary necklaces and bracelets with images of saints should be sold in a store that also carries "Posie Pasties" and "High Shine Mini Skirts". After this discovery my mind wandered back in time to an experience I had last semester in college. Picture this; a large dark room which by day is your ordinary recreational room and at night is transformed into a sexy ordinary college party with the help of some strobe lights. You walk in and the party is in full swing. Girls are dancing in groups. Some are  praying that the boys leaning on the wall won't come and dance with them while others are praying that they do. The boys leaning on the wall are happy that their roommate went home for the weekend and speculating which girls are wasted (i.e. drunk) enough for them to take back to their dorm room later. Meanwhile the DJ is hoping that the party doesn't reach past capacity because he doesn't want the party to get shut down by the cops like every other party he's ever been to or spun records at.You begin to scope out the scene for a place for you and your friends to talk about people. Who's dancing with who. Who came noticeably drunk. Who looks cute and who looks a hot mess. The usual party banter. Then you turn around to see that someone is coming towards one of your friends. You squint your eyes to get a better look, but the room is too dark. You nudge your friend who immediately grabs your hand and starts dancing with you in order to scare the on-comer away. Nothing scares a guy trying to get with one girl than three of her friends. Luckily, her plan worked (sometimes it doesn't) and the predator finds a new prey in the visibly drunk girl in front of your group wearing heels, a corset, and neon yellow leggings. Since chivalry and respect dies at night on college campuses, the parasite latches himself onto the backside of the visibly drunk host and proceeds to bend her over by the waist in order to "dance" with her. She happily obliges by placing her hands on the floor in a position pretty close to a handstand. You see this and feel disgusted, as if they are essentially having sex with their clothes on in front of you. You grab your friends to go outside for some air. As you walk out you turn your head and take a good look at the visibly drunk girl and her "dancing" partner. He's wearing a plain white-t and a "Beaded Rosary Necklace". Which brings me back to the matter at hand. Is religion being exploited when stores like Forever21 sell religious items? Additionally, should people be partaking in questionable acts whilst wearing these items? Personally, I think it's disrespectful and ridiculous. What say you?

Exhibit A: Lindsay Lohan wearing a rosary. This is a contradiction of the largest capacities.
And, it just gets better. Exhibit B: Amy Winehouse wearing rosary beads. She needs more to live on than just a prayer at this point.
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Soul Train

They've recently started playing old episodes of Soul Train on BET's new channel, Centric. The style and dancing back then was amazing. I wish people still danced like that.

I especially love the guy at the 1:09 mark.

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