I have one less tooth than I had last time I did a posting. Don't worry I didn't get into a bar fight or anything, just had an impacted wisdom tooth that was grazing a nerve removed. I'm so hard core that I only had local anesthesia and was fully awake for the whole process, strange to watch your own mouth get sewn up. I even took the subway home after. At first I was like 'well that wasn't so bad'. So I went home and continued on the never ending space quilt project that I was working on for etsy's HQ, which by the way has has finally ended. But 4 hours after removal I felt like someone hit my head with a tiny mighty dump truck. I was in soooooo much freakin pain and wished I had no teeth at all.  Ya'll who know me personally, know that I truly enjoy sobriety but in this case, good thing for pain meds. They made me super dizzy and gave me crazy dreams...I was over it the first night, but suffered through it for the next week. I've just returned to solid foods, feeling a lot better and am kinda missing my tooth, is that weird? She's Out of my Life
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Etsy HQ Wall of Records

Yesterday we (me and Mr. Tough Dumplin) completed the installation of the Etsy HQ wall of records! Rockin it it rockin it yes we are rockin it. Now I can truly say I have incorporated a Milli Vanilli image into a professional project I’ve worked on. Girl you know it’s true!

plan your work, work your plan.

'Stay Handmade' created from laser cut backs of album covers filled with 12" vinly. Etsy letters cut from 12" LPs over orange arcylic circles on square clear acrylic panels.

Desk features 12" and 45 vinyl.

Each record is linked with 1" binder rings through upcycled white grommets from the close down belt factory.

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Okay so you're allowed to buy 1 non Junkprints bag. This amazing MAGNETOPHON-CASE, made by Newafresh is really doing it for me. I know, in January I was raving about nostalgic radios and tapes being played out by urban outfitters but dopeness is dopeness and this case is fly. While I'm on the topic of music and fashion I have to show case another fantastic take on the topic. I've been in love with Miss Elizaveta's work since I first laid my junky eyes on it. I think what I like most about it is that it's the opposite of  'reasonable' and yet it has a real sensibility about it. She's also the one who put me on to Boom box case. Flud watches and me were bound to meet. My bro-in law had a photo shoot recently and showed me a pretty nifty watch, It wasn't all that, but I did like the case. While vending at the Recessionista shindig last sunday I spotted that same case, but watch in this case was amazing.  I'm not really big on watches the concept of being shackled to time bugs me out a bit  but the concept of rocking an oversized men's peice sound lovely. By the price points I have a feeling that they aren't made domestically . Can I have my cake and eat it too?
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A few weeks ago my studio mates and I gleaned an old belt factory. This dusty place had been closed down for quite some time and was filled to the brim with goodies. Katherine from Reiter8 got the news that all this stuff was going to to be hauled off to a landfill if it wasn't cleared out asap. So Mike from, Jen from Katherine and I headed over to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and got super dirty. This place was filled to the ceiling with belt materials. So far we've gleaned about two and a half van (thx Layla) fulls of goodies and the place still looks  the same as when we found it! Crazy huh? It's a shame that all of this would have gone to waste if Katherine hadn't been contacted. I wonder how often this happens? Especially in NY where the cost of storing stuff can easily exceed the cost of the stuff itself. Either way I'm super grateful and look forward to making more goodies out of these old/new treasures.
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As some of ya'll may have noticed, I have a tendency to write about things in retrospect. Believe it or not it is peculiar to to me to share my life so publicly and in real time, I know, pretty strange for a gal who takes tons of pics of herself wearing her own clothes...hey I'm still working it out. With that being said. I had an awesome time speaking with Bruce  at the ACCs summer salon conversation. The fine folks at Etsy documented the whole thing.

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