JANUARY 21, 2010

So I haven’t chimed in on the insane condition of Haiti. Basically, I just don’t have the visual or verbal vocabulary to express how much sorrow, frustration, amazement etc over the whole situation.

I’m not gonna lie, I feel real paralyzed about what to do to help In this time when so much is needed, especially having the understanding that some shipments are getting bottle necked from the airport and some planes are being sent away. It doesn’t help that I think most charities (not all there are def some fantastic ones) are full of sh*t. I feel that it’s almost wrong to bring up my personal views of most non profits, but I must just to get some dirt off my chest. I think that most non-profits spend waaaaaaaaay to much on administration. Just google Salaries of Charity CEO. Yes it’s gotten a lot better within the last few years but still, charities aren’t suppose to be about creating a high paying job. They should be about helping out. I’ve created this tee and want to donates or coordinate a way to send resources to those in need (in the most direct way possible) 50% of the profits of this tee will be contributed to [fill in the blank]

APRIL 7th, 2010

So that tee sat on hold for a while. In between the time I wrote the first half of this post and now one of the most popular fund raising organizations, Yele has come under scrutiny for mis management of funds, red tape is still is slowing down delivery of aid and the Oxfam has reached it’s fund raising efforts and would like you to donate to one of their other causes.  So I ask again, how does one help?. REALLY help not just save a few babies have a few inspiring heroic stories, but actual invest in helping Haiti come a place with a stable economy and not just another poor 3rd world nation with a sad story and a telethon fund raiser?

I have an interest in Haiti because of it’s rich history and symbolism of diasporic freedom (one of the first slavery victories included in American history…near the end of the text book). The reason why I use the word symbolic is because. Yes , Haiti was the first  nation to be ruled by people of Africa ancestry but they literally had to pay for it…like paid money to the the french banks. Who wins a war and has to pay the enemy? That’s already one huge economic smack in the face and If you think about it, who is really trying to do trade with a nation ran by ex-slaves when they could buy sugar from slave nations throughout the same region. Haiti basically got fed a bone and even before this last earth quake needed a severe restructure to become a truly independent and sustainable nation.

I wish I was here, figuratively and literally, with this Haitian family in 1978 looking all happy. This tee is not currently for sale on junkprints because I haven’t decided yet where the funds raised should go. I do believe that helping by sticking close to home can have a rippling impact and am seriously considering just giving to money to my token Haitian friend Claudia, at least she won’t give it to her ex-wife. If you have any other suggestions pls feel free to leave comments.

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