ASK CHANEL! I’ve got the answers

When friends, associates and junkprints fans want to know how to do things, find stuff or generally have questions they ask me. I really like figuring things out and usually find multiple solutions for a dilemma or perplexity. Times are hard, and I spend most of my day on my usual design hustles, but since many of my pals are getting laid off and experiencing shifts in their day to day lives I'm being bombarded with random questions. Knowledge is power, research for knowledge takes time and time is money. So I came up with "ASK CHANEL"

This is how it works, just ask me a question...any question, send your question to  I'll send you a paypal invoice for $2. Upon payment of the $2.  I'll answer your question to the very best of my ability within 24hrs. For example a friend emailed me me "where's the best place to get wholesale vintage clothing on the east coast?" So I would email them back with an invoice and upon payment provide a list of distributors w/ their pros and cons. Another person asked me, "how to set up an e-commerce site?", another asked "what font I used on my site?", "how to remove sharpie ink from rubber boots", "where to get taxes done"... you get the point. Hey look at it this way, it's cheaper than college tuition, it saves you time, and if you don't like my answer your only out of $2, but I'm pretty sure you're gonna get more than you paid for.
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So I needed a couple of hands here so I'd like to introduce you to Vincent. He'll be helping me get this junk all organized. He's super smart super nice and an actor. Actually, he has a show opening tomorrow, cuz he's cool like that. I've been holding holding down the Junkprints fort solo for the last crazy year and some and it's been the most thrilling and taxing endevour I've ever emborked on!  So I'm super excited to have his help. He'll be writing blog posts (yay, no spelling errors), doing some customer service, making general dopeness and fetching coffee (j/k, I hate coffee).
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endless orders, originally uploaded by junkprints. So last week I was Etsy's featured seller...Yah and all that goodness. Let me tell ya what a mad house it was (is) around this itty bitty apartment. Okay so I answered all 200 inquiries, within 2 hours or receiving star for customer service department! I've done invoices, packing slips and garment prep for all orders. I've shipped out about 1/3 of all the orders received between feb 27 to now... gold star for production department. Sleep, you ask? well Robots don't sleep and I've sold my soul to the D.I.Y. gods in exchange for being changed into a robot 😉 All jokes aside...this has been pretty fun and I appreciate all the comments, inquiries and sales I've been bombarded with.


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