Dwelling: The Eames House

Continuing on with the dwelling series check out this house.

This is the Eames House it was apart of a project called The Case Study House Program in the 1940’s to early 1960’s. It was one out of the 25 homes that were built which had to use furnishings, techniques, etc. derived from the second world war and implemented into the modern world. The homes could either be for a real client or a fictional client. The architects of this house Charles and Ray Eames had a concept of having the home being for a married couple whose career is in the design field. They wanted to show the “clients” career with the house. They also wanted to show a shock factor while keeping the peace and tranquility with the overall landscape.

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Don’t Need to Hop the Train

Hey all! I came across an awesome idea for livable space. Why spend all your money on wood and bricks where you can take a freight car and turn it into a home. It kind of reminds me of legos; you can build up, down, side ways, zigzag wherever. I love the idea of being able to rearrange a structure… as long as it doesn’t do a Jenga and tip over.

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Home Is Where the Art Is

My dream house would be a brownstone just like the Cosby's home. I would want it to be a refurbished home because I love the way that older homes were built, especially since they have a lot of extra beautiful details included. If I were to actually own When I buy this home below are some things that I think would be neat to have inside:
I need to find a Polaroid camera, so I can recreate this on my wall.
How awesome would this be?
I don't think my house could fit shelves this large, but we'll see. I'm working on stepping up my book collection. It's not that I don't read books, it's just that I always get them from the local library.
Okay, I know that my brownstone won't come with a garage, but isn't this just the coolest idea? It's a garage door cover from a German company called Style Your Garage.
Livingstones are a modular seating concept developed by French designer Stephanie Marin. These rock! You should be used to my corniness by now.
What would you want in your dream home?  Let me know.
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