Every generation seems to think that the world is great peril (rightfully so) and worries about the future. I include myself in that 'every generation' bunch.  Loosely speaking the way we live and think about ourselves in relationship to our environments is all wrong and it seems that we will be facing severe repercussions for all that, but I ain't scurred. Our economy is false and falling apart but I'm not worried. BTW, if you haven't seen Zeistgeist, then stop reading this put that movie at the top of yer Netflix queue. Anyhoot, the way I see it, is that yer either dead or alive. If yer dead, then yer dead end of story. If yer alive then you should be living and filling yer life and the lives of those around you with livelihood.  That's my mission, that's yer mission. So what's that gotta do with the banks? First let me start off by mentioning my extreme disdain for banks...what a scam, 'I hold yer money, make money off yer money and sometimes charge you for holding or spending yer money. Over the last year since I've started Junkprints, I've grown to figure out more about the banking system, the credit/debit systems and the pillars of economics in the US. I'm no expert but I'm alright. In the quest to even out the financial power structures. I present to you, It's a P2P lender, which means that private lenders can bit on loan opportunities. The majority of there requests I found were for credit card consolidation (which is super sad). I also saw a disproportionate amount of soldiers and teachers requestiong loans. One the flip side, this type of service could be used more than loans, like, for start up businesses, health care, public art etc.  Hope this dropped a seed of inspiration on ya, so now go think of something amazing and get it funded 😉
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