I don't understand why people say 'yo, that was fresh to death', or 'I was looking fresh to death' Dead things are rotting, their's not much fresh about death and I always thought that the saying should be fresh to life! and what's fresher to life than a cute ol' baby? A really close pal of mine is super knocked up and she's gonna have the freshest baby ever (at least until the next baby in the world is born). That's got the wheels cranking in my head. I often get requests to make some of my clothing in baby sizes but I'm really conflicted about imposing social perspectives on babies. Those lil goobers can't even see straight and it's kinda overkill to put an Obama 2008 tee on an infant. At the same time I hate when baby girls have tees with barbies on them too. In due time they will develope tastes and by the time pre school rolls around I'm sure most lil girls will wanna rock pink on their own accord (w/ some help from their super influential environments) and that's cool with me, I just don't wanna assist that.

FRESH TO LIFE TEE available at (jacket coming soon!)

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