Ode to Cali: Groupie Bag

Usually I don't miss s. california, but lately I've been feeling nostalgic and wanting to wear really short skank shorts, stretch outĀ  on the sand and drive along the 5 freeway. If I was in Cali right now this bag would be my best friend. i would rock it with big aviator sunglasses and a burrito! I'd pop in for Shepard Fairey art openings, rub shoulders with celebsĀ  and when they asked about my bag, I'd say, 'oh this thang, I just f'n around in the studio yesterday and made it' that's the difference btwn NY and LA, in NY everyone prides them selves on their 'hussle', in LA the goal is to make your hussle look effortless. Ode to Cali: Groupie Bag
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