Etsy HQ Wall of Records

Yesterday we (me and Mr. Tough Dumplin) completed the installation of the Etsy HQ wall of records! Rockin it it rockin it yes we are rockin it. Now I can truly say I have incorporated a Milli Vanilli image into a professional project I’ve worked on. Girl you know it’s true!

plan your work, work your plan.

'Stay Handmade' created from laser cut backs of album covers filled with 12" vinly. Etsy letters cut from 12" LPs over orange arcylic circles on square clear acrylic panels.

Desk features 12" and 45 vinyl.

Each record is linked with 1" binder rings through upcycled white grommets from the close down belt factory.

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If you were within 100 miles of NYC and you missed the FRESHER! opening than you may be crying your eyes out! But not to worry, I just caught word that their will be a closing party soooooo, don't sleep on this one. It was such a fun time, all the peeps came out and I'm glad that someone was documenting the event cuz I was too busy getting up w/ people and dancing my booty off.  Highsnobette was in the house and have tones of recap pics and so does Toofly. Big shout out and many thx to the Younity Crew
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This happens while listening to James Brown's "The Big Pay Back" Sometimes I think I make more scraps than junk. So I'm always on a mission to use up all the scraps, especially when the scraps start to eat up the production studio and chase me all around the room.

The first attempt was pretty bad and consisted of a pretty busted Matilda doll that wight about 10 pound because I stuffed her with scraps. I would show you pics but I only show my good shit on dookyblog. Attempt number two was alot better and I'll be going this route.

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When I first moved to NY from Toronto I was shocked at the amount of plastic bags that are commonly used. Most bodegas and grocery stores double and tripple bag a freakin' candy bar. It makes no sense. I even stared asking them not to double bag and at first they looked at me like I was crazy, but I've got my regulars trained now and they gladly single bag, but I'll bring a tote. So I was pretty stoked to read that starting June 1st 2008 China  is banning free plastic shopping bags. Wanna know something even more progressive, this ban has been in place in South Africa since 2003! Booo Ya Ka! So that brings us to our next question....When is the US gonna jump on the band wagon?
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